Reversing Oil And Gas Ban Brazen And Utterly Reckless

Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

The Government’s new timeframe for expanding oil and gas exploration starts the clock on the time remaining to save the oil and gas ban.

“This Government is recklessly and shamelessly pouring oil and gas on the fire of the climate crisis,” says the co-leader of the Green Party, James Shaw.

“The Prime Minister has talked about “tough choices” recently. Well, the choices they are making include reopening New Zealand waters to the fossil fuel industry instead of confronting the climate crisis with the urgency it demands.

“The only real “tough choice” this Government faces is whether to put profit ahead of protecting future generations.

“There is simply no mandate to trash the climate. Poll after poll shows that New Zealanders want more action to prevent the climate crisis, not less.

“The choice this government is making is clearly the wrong one. But ultimately, these decisions belong to the people of New Zealand, and those of us who make our voices heard.

“Right now, the oil and gas lobby has got the ear of the Minister. But expanding oil and gas exploration is as dangerous as it is unscientific

“So, I am urging people to help us drown them out by adding their voices to the nearly 35,000 New Zealanders who have already signed our petition to save the oil and gas ban.

“We also have a message to any other companies seeking to take advantage of this Government’s negligent, irresponsible approach to the climate crisis: the Green Party will re-introduce a ban on new sources of fossil fuels as soon as we are back in government,” says James Shaw.

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