Rippling launches in Australia

Courtesy of Australian Payroll Association

Rippling, a US workforce management company, has announced the opening of its regional headquarters in Sydney.

The move by Rippling could signify a turning point, where automation and a unified approach are not just luxuries but necessities for companies seeking to remain competitive and compliant. Tracy Angwin, director of Australian Payroll Association has repeatedly highlighted the risks associated with untrained and unsupported staff and poor processes, a sentiment that Rippling’s arrival in the local market might begin to mitigate. Their system is designed to reduce errors and free up resources that have traditionally been tied down by cumbersome legacy systems and manual processes.

“It’s challenging for businesses to keep employee data consistent when it’s scattered across disparate, siloed systems. Many end up spending too much money on too many pieces of software-and wind up wasting hours on manual tasks that can easily be automated or eliminated said Matt Loop, VP and Head of Asia for Rippling. “When it’s all in one place, it gives every team the power to automate tasks, access key insights, and accelerate business execution. We’re excited to bring this new approach to Australia and help businesses run more efficiently.”

The expansion of Rippling into the Australian market not only spotlights the technological advancements in payroll systems but also underscores the critical need for payroll education and support. Employers are increasingly recognising the importance of supporting their payroll teams with comprehensive training and resources. This is where access to Australian Payroll Association membership becomes invaluable. Such memberships provide payroll professionals with up to date information, best practices, and a community of expertise.

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