Rockliff doubles down on support for candidate who called him a ‘tyrant’ 20 March 2024

Tas Labor

In a shameless departure from values he once pretended to champion, Jeremy Rockliff has provided his strongest endorsement yet of Liberal candidate Dr Julie Sladden’s dangerous views.

In a social media post, Mr Rockliff said he thought Dr Sladden “would make a tremendous addition to Parliament”.

Mr Rockliff must have forgotten that Dr Sladden has been caught out:

  • “I stand here today after watching crowds openly celebrate mass murder on the streets of our cities. After watching the police spend more time debating Islamic theology on Twitter than enforcing the law. I’m starting to lose faith. I don’t know how long our civilization will survive. For years now many of us have been warning that The Barbarians are at the gates. We were wrong, they’re inside now. Look, I’m not going to be all doom and gloom. There are positives as well. I mean, say what you want about Hamas supporters, at least they know what a woman is.”
  • Reposting climate change scepticism
  • Promoting the use of horse de-wormer to treat COVID
  • Relating to a song mocking welcome to country ceremonies

If these are the kind of things she thinks are appropriate to share publicly, imagine the views she is sharing behind closed doors.

This isn’t just a social media scandal – putting people with dangerous views forward for election will only result in dangerous policies being imposed on Tasmanians.

Jeremy Rockliff has been steadfast in his support of Dr Sladden’s views regarding COVID despite Dr Sladden agreeing she “can’t wait until every COVID tyrant leaves public life” – a group of people that presumably includes the current Premier.

After 10 years in office, Jeremy Rockliff is scraping the barrel. Tasmanians deserve to know extent of his candidate’s dangerous views before they vote on Saturday.

Dean Winter MP

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