Strong Greens result in NSW shows importance of bold progressive agenda

The Australian Greens MPs

Dr Mehreen Faruqi, Senator for NSW, has congratulated and thanked Greens candidates, members and supporters for a strong Greens result in the NSW state election but has also warned of the challenges for the Federal election with the far right’s re-introduction in NSW parliament. The Greens have retained all their lower house seats with increased margins and are on track to electing two members to Upper House.

Senator Mehreen Faruqi said:

“The Greens campaigned for a bold vision for our future, for tackling climate change, to build a 100% renewable energy revolution and to end the influence of big money in politics. These messages have resonated with the community who have placed their confidence in the Greens in NSW by returning seats in Ballina, Newtown and Balmain with increased margins.

“A massive thank you to Greens members, candidates and volunteers who worked hard over many months building our collective movement to change the political agenda. We will continue to hold the Liberal-National Government to account and stand against their destructive agenda.

“The NSW election result also brings a warning that hate politics are back on the scene. The re-introduction of One Nation with their openly racist views and policies is a challenge that has to be addressed head on at the Federal election.

“There must be no tolerance of racism in our country. There is no room for division in our society.

“Only the Greens will stave off the far-right and fearlessly stand up against bigotry and xenophobia,” she concluded.

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