Suburbtrends Rental Rewind: 3 Years of Vanishing Affordable Rentals


Recent analysis by Suburbtrends, reveals a sharp decline in the availability of rentals priced at $400 per week or less, presenting significant challenges for low-income earners across Australia’s urban and regional markets.

Kent Lardner, founder of Suburbtrends, describes the severity of the problem: “What we’re witnessing is not just a tightening of the rental market but a potential economic crisis in the making. In places like Melbourne, affordable rentals have plummeted from 43% to just 6% in three years, making it extraordinarily difficult for those on modest incomes to find suitable housing.”

The impact of this trend extends beyond simple economics, affecting the fabric of communities and the operation of essential services. “As affordable rentals vanish, low-income renters may have no choice but to move further from city centres, where commuting costs will erase what little savings they achieve from cheaper rents. This disrupts lives and can lead to a decrease in the availability of critical workers in key urban areas,” Kent added.

Addressing both the immediacy and complexity of the housing affordability issue, Kent emphasises the necessity of integrated solutions: “While we explore long-term strategies to increase housing stock, we must also implement immediate measures. Emergency accommodation and transitional housing are essential to prevent a surge in homelessness and provide relief to those affected by the crisis.”

Kent concludes with a call to action, urging for a balanced approach to resolving the housing affordability crisis: “The reality is that escalating construction costs, driven by higher standards and rising material and labour expenses, make it increasingly challenging to deliver dwellings at prices translating to $400 per week or less rents. We need a multi-faceted strategy that includes both emergency measures and sustainable long-term solutions to ensure that housing remains affordable for all Australians.”

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