Super-friendly Duke has vet teams cheering him on

Young dog with ‘exceptional temperament” needs special home post-surgery

The RSPCA usually reminds people that a daily walk or two does their dog – and them – the world of good. But a dog currently living at the Lonsdale shelter is going to give someone the perfect excuse to stay in and binge on Netflix.

The handsome Bull Mastiff cross has such a lovely temperament that vet teams from RSPCA South Australia and Seaton Veterinary Centre are pulling out all the stops to help him find the special home he needs.

Two-year-old Duke was surrendered to RSPCA South Australia on 30 August after his owner found she didn’t have the time to spend with him, meaning he was on his own most of the time. If there is one thing Duke does not like, it is being on his own.

On arrival, RSPCA’s vet team was immediately aware of two things – this was one super-friendly dog and he had cruciate disease in both his knees.

“Duke has undergone surgery on his left knee to stabilise this joint, which has been successful,” RSPCA SA Chief Vet Dr Gayle Kothari said.

“Once the left knee has healed, he will undergo a similar procedure to stabilise his right knee.”

Duke is recovering after undergoing the first procedure on 1 November with one of RSPCA SA’s vet partners, Dr Ian Hogden from Seaton Veterinary Centre. Dr Hogden and his team have joined the bandwagon of support for the congenial canine, who urgently needs a home where he can recover from his surgery.

“Duke is a special case because he needs restricted rest for the next six to eight weeks,” Dr Kothari said.

“After he recovers from the second operation, likely sometime in January, we anticipate he will regain function in both knees and – most importantly – be pain-free.

“The shelter is not the ideal place for an animal to recover from surgery. He needs a quiet and nurturing place to heal.”

RSPCA SA is covering all surgery costs via community donations, and RSPCA vet and dog behaviour teams will be on-hand to support Duke and his new family as they settle into life together.

“We would love to see Duke spend his recovery in a loving home with a big, comfy bed, where he can receive all the care and attention he deserves,” Dr Kothari said.

“Whoever steps up for this dog will be rewarded ten-fold in the companionship he will provide, and we are here to fully support this gentle, brave boy and his new family as he progresses through his medical journey to his best life ever.”

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