Support grows for social housing

Everybody's Home

Consensus is building for more public and community housing as voters list increased investment in social housing as a top priority, Everybody’s Home said.

This week’s Essential poll shows the majority of voters want the housing system to change, with social housing as the most popular solution.

The latest Director Sentiment Index survey also shows business directors back social housing as the best solution to the nation’s housing crisis.

Everybody’s Home spokesperson Maiy Azize said Australians of all stripes want the federal government to boost social housing and tackle the housing crisis.

“The housing crisis is climbing the income ladder and hurting Australians of all stripes. Key workers can barely pay the rent, much less find a home near their work. Working people are living in tents, sleeping in cars, and seeking help from overstretched services,” Ms Azize said.

“More and more people understand that the private market isn’t delivering homes that people can afford. Everyone from business leaders to everyday Australians wants to see the government get back to building homes itself.

“More social housing makes homes cheaper for everyone, creating more rentals that people can afford and pushing down costs across the board.

“Support is also growing to stop propping up hobby investors with tax handouts. A majority of Australians want the government to wind back these handouts.

“More and more voters, including business owners and directors, want the federal government to step up and build more housing itself. If they don’t, people will be pushed deeper and deeper into housing stress and wealth inequality will keep getting worse.

“The government can’t rely on the property industry to fix this crisis. To make housing affordable and fair, the federal government must stop propping up investors with tax breaks and step in to build the social housing we need.”

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