Supporting First Nations people in their journey from Land to Cloud and Beyond


Darwin: IoT Data Centres (“IoTDC”), are pleased to share with the market the onboarding of the first Indigenous Data Centre operator into its Casuarina Data Centre Park. Binary Security Pty Ltd, a fully owned Indigenous technology services organisation providing advanced digital security services across Australia, has acquired a Data Centre facility.

The Data Centre facility acquired by Binary Security is the first step of a detailed plan to enable and support the First Nations people in their journey from where they are now, using their own initiatives to compete in today’s market and allowing them to evolve to become leaders of tomorrow.

IoTDC welcomes the acquisition of an Uptime Institute Tier 3 Data Centre Facility operation by Binary Security. The agreement is believed to be a first of its kind and supports the First Nations people in their aspirations of competing in todays competitive market landscape of cloud offerings.

The facility, to be opened in 2021 brings much needed enterprise certified capability to Darwin which previously was only available in major cities outside of the Territory. What this means is that organisations with critical requirements such as data sovereignty, high availability/dependability or enhanced security, can now subscribe to services within the Territory’s borders.

Stewart Stacey, MD of Binary Security says “The Territory has always needed an enterprise capability. Businesses are only as robust as their weakest link and the Data Centre in the Territory is the weakest technology link. There are certainly robust services in Darwin, but not Uptime Institute Tier 3 Certified services which are able to provide the same credibility as what is available in the other major capital cities.”

By supporting the acquisition by Binary Security of the Data Centre Facility, IoTDC believes its ‘community integrated facilities’ promote both stronger communities, and more resilient self-sustaining economies which is important for the regrowth of the community post Covid19.

As a result of IoTDC’s community integration strategy, Binary Security is not just a customer of IoTDC. It is an ecosystem partner that also drives value back to the IoTDC ecosystem and the community via the IoTDC Services Ecosystem Platform. This platform is a catalogue of capability provided by subject matter experts, that leverage both the IoTDC Data Centre facilities and provide complementary value adding capabilities. This reduces risk and complexity for IoTDC’s customers whilst also providing heightened protection for their critical services.

Ben Latter, MD of Wolfe Systems, another ecosystem partner in the IoTDC Services Ecosystem Platform says “The beauty of the IoTDC Services Ecosystem Platform is that a customer can be confident they are getting leading subject matter expertise delivered in the most important location in a customers environment, right in the data centre. Our focus is right there in the facility because it means we are more responsive and can resolve issues much faster for our customers. IT should not be external to your business, it should be embedded as a critical part inside your business. This is important because businesses need to be more responsive when the International Submarine Cable capacity comes online in order to capture market share in the huge market north of Australia.”

IoTDC expects one of its International Submarine Cable operators to go live in 2023 which should drive significant change in the region and create a huge boost to the Territory.

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