Tasmanians should pay a Tasmanian price for Tasmanian power 17 June 2024

Tas Labor

Today’s decision by the Tasmanian Economic Regulator locks in a 23 per cent power price increase for Tasmanians since prices spiked in coal and gas on the mainland.

Tasmania has the unique advantage of state-owned renewable electricity generation and we should be paying Tasmanian prices for Tasmanian power.

Tasmania’s electricity prices are already too expensive and Tasmanian households have the highest electricity bills in the country. While Tasmanian prices have gone up again, other jurisdictions have seen price decreases.

Any increase in power prices is a blow to Tasmanians in this cost of living crisis, one especially felt by those earning lower incomes who are already at breaking point.

The Liberal Government has failed to deliver on their promise to provide energy bill relief. The Renewable Energy Dividend was announced in February last year, has changed three times and still not a single cent has flowed to Tasmanians.

Every other state and territory has delivered energy bill relief in full, why hasn’t this government?

Janie Finlay MP

Shadow Minister for Energy

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