TECH5 Becomes First ABIS Vendor to Fully Integrate Its Biometric Technologies With MOSIP Identity

TECH5 has successfully integrated MOSIP(R)[1] with its T5-ABIS[2] platform and Biometric SDKs for finger, iris and face recognition. TECH-5 presented a tested and ready-to-use solution with implemented biometrics to the Executive Committee and International Advisory Group[3] of MOSIP on August 6th. TECH5 is the first ABIS vendor to be integrated with the MOSIP platform.

MOSIP is a global open-source platform that is designed to help organizations and governments implement a foundational ID system that provides citizens with unique digital IDs that can be securely authenticated and permits the effective delivery of public and private services, including healthcare, education, and social security, and others. The ID system would also enable citizens to be in control of the use of their personally identifiable information. MOSIP can be used together with the T5-ABIS platform for deduplication during the registration process, multi-factor verification and authentication for service provision. The platform can also be used to assess the quality of biometric images during registration using T5-SDKs for finger, iris and face recognition. Integrated technologies provide a platform with strong matching and enrollment capabilities.

“TECH5 is proud to be the first company to be integrated with the MOSIP platform. We develop all of our technologies and solutions for identity management around the principles of ID4D[4] and are very passionate about the MOSIP project, whose mission is aligned with our own company mission,” says Rahul Parthe, Chairman and Co-founder of TECH5. “TECH5 invested in the integration of its platform with MOSIP and is actively working for the project because we very much believe that our combined solution will provide high value to countries that are establishing identity management systems.”

Having learned lessons from Estonia and other advanced digital ID systems as well as Aadhaar India UID, the largest identity management program in the world, IIIT-B[5] built the MOSIP platform, which can now be easily deployed around the globe. Nations can reuse MOSIP freely and build their own inclusive ID systems without having to develop technology from scratch. The combined solution of MOSIP and TECH5 is designed to avoid vendor lock-in. T5-ABIS is built on an open architecture, giving governments maximum flexibility to change technology components along with changes in strategy without having to re-build the entire ID system and without the need to re-register its citizens.

“In the modern world, every individual should have the ability to assert their identity and get access to public services and benefits, while making sure that personal information is protected in the process. MOSIP’s open architecture, and the participation of companies who share this vision, can go a long way towards making this vision possible. TECH5 is a valued, early member of the MOSIP open ecosystem, whose approach resonates with ours, and we congratulate them on their successful integration with MOSIP,” says Srijoni Sen, MOSIP.

Morocco will be the first country to implement MOSIP. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Government of Morocco, Ministry of interior (MOI/GOM) and IIIT-B on August 27, 2018 to outline the modalities of this arrangement and formalize the collaboration between organizations.

About TECH5

TECH5 is an international technology company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland with branches in USA, Europe and ASIA, dedicated to the design, development, and distribution of Identity Management solutions. The company was founded by a team of seasoned industry professionals, who have been innovating in the area of multi-modal biometric matching solutions for more than 20 years. The TECH5 market focus is on high scalability products built on the experience gained by the implementation of large deployments. TECH5 target markets include Government and Private sectors with products driving Civil ID and Private ID, Law Enforcement, as well as Authentication solutions where confirmation of Identity is required for application, for example, when opening a bank account, or initiating a utility contract or Telco subscription.



[1] Modular Open Source Identity Platform

[2] Automatic Biometric Identification System

[3] MOSIP Executive Committee

[4] Identification for Development

[5] The International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore

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