Tender Awarded For Stormwater Drainage Program

Council has recently engaged contractor Interflow to undertake the cleaning of stormwater pipelines and relining of sewer pipelines.

The cleaning of stormwater pipelines will focus on Yamba because many of the stormwater pipelines in Yamba are laid on a flat grade and a lot of sand can build up in the bottom of the pipelines, which decreases the volume of water that can flow through the pipe.

When the stormwater pipelines are cleaned they will be inspected and identified defects repaired. Council will be spending approximately $375,000.00 on the stormwater pipeline cleaning and repairs, funded by the NSW Local government recovery grants for highly impacted Council’s from February 2022.In addition to the cleaning and jetting of stormwater pipes survey data will be collected to determine pipe invert levels which will further support a more detailed drainage assessment of the network. A further $200,000 has been allocated to support the development of a drainage study following the completion of Interflow’s work.

Interflow will also be cleaning and relining sewer pipelines in Grafton, Maclean and Yamba. Relining the sewer pipelines involves a plastic liner being installed inside the existing pipeline, which not only extends the pipeline’s life but will also reduce blockages from roots and decreases the inflow of stormwater and groundwater into the sewer system through cracked pipes.

Some of the sewer pipelines in Grafton are more than 90 years old and some of the sewer pipelines in Yamba and Maclean are more than 50 years old.

Council’s operational plan proposes an annual budget for sewer pipeline relining of $1.5 million per year.

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