Thank You Jeffrey Looi

Australian Medical Association

The AMA thanks Associate Professor Looi for his commitment and efforts as Mental Health Committee Chair.

Associate Professor Jeffrey Looi convened his final Mental Health Committee meeting as the Chair last week. True to his nature, A/Prof Looi is thinking of the future of mental health in Australia and is stepping down to allow new doctors to spread their wings and reshape mental health services and improve the wellbeing of all people.

As a clinical academic neuropsychiatrist, A/Prof Looi was destined for brilliance, a Fulbright Scholar being one of many of the accolades awarded to him.

A/Prof Looi is one of the undisputed leaders in evidence-based medicine, leading multiple consortiums. At last count, he was an author or co-author of more than 315 peer-reviewed articles.

At the start of this year, A/Prof Looi was appointed as Editor-in-Chief of the peer-reviewed medical scientific journal, Australasian Psychiatry, published by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

The AMA, Federal Council, and the Mental Health Committee would like to express their wholehearted gratitude for the decades of service provided by A/Prof Looi.

He worked tirelessly and passionately and will continue to contribute to policy and advocacy through his academic passions.

A /Prof Looi is constantly looking to expand his areas of expertise within the psychiatry and mental health realm.

The AMA recognises A/Prof Looi for his insight and guidance into numerous topics of AMA mental health policy and advocacy.

On behalf of everyone who served under A/Prof Looi’s leadership and Chairmanship at the AMA, your dry and cheeky humor will be sorely missed.

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