The new Covid-19 Inquiry we campaigned and fought for will start in November

NZ First Party

The new Covid-19 Inquiry we campaigned and fought for will start in November.

The current Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Covid-19 response will be divided into two phases. ‘Phase Two’ of the inquiry will start from November 2024 and will be the independent, full scale, and public inquiry we committed to in our coalition agreement.

New commissioners will be appointed, and revised terms of reference will include;

The use of vaccines during the pandemic

  • Vaccine mandates
  • Vaccine safety
  • Vaccine approval; and
  • The monitoring and reporting of adverse reactions to the vaccines.

Social impacts

  • The effect of social division and isolation; and
  • The extent of disruption to New Zealanders’ health and education systems

Economic impacts and disruption to business

  • The effect on inflation, debt, and economic activity
  • The effect of extended lockdowns in Auckland and Northland; and
  • The Government’s utilisation of partnerships with business and professional groups.

Government decision making

  • Whether the rules set by the Government appropriately balanced Covid-19 elimination with other goals; and
  • The Government’s responsiveness to utilising new technology, methods, and effective international practices.

The current Royal Commission, with the narrow scope and commissioners that it was established with, will continue as ‘Phase one’ until November. We disagree with this decision but accept it as a coalition partner.

New Zealand First’s position from the beginning of discussions, has been to stop the current Royal Commission altogether and start a new, broader, independent, and public inquiry.

We have consistently advocated for this position.

The next step will be to confirm the detailed terms of reference and new Phase Two commissioners in August. We will continue to work for you

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