The one product every parent forgets to add to their back-to-school shopping list

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25 January 2024 – Along with daily “slip, slop, slap” applications of sunscreen and school hats, parents also need to “slop on some insect repellent” before school each day, says leading cosmetic chemist and founder of natural insect repellent company Good Riddance.

“When you ‘slip, slop, slap’ sunscreen with your children each morning before school, don’t forget to slop on some Good Riddance, and slap away worries of mosquito-borne discomforts,” says cosmetic chemist Jeannie Lynch, founder of Good Riddance Insect Repellent. “Just as crucial as sunscreen, the application of our natural repellents is a powerful step in safeguarding children from mosquito bites and potential insect-borne illnesses.”

Good Riddance, a natural insect repellent, encourages parents to prioritise mosquito protection alongside sun protection by applying their DEET-free and clinically tested formulations on children before school.

“After the wet summer we’ve experienced and the fact that the number of mosquitoes will dramatically increase over the coming weeks following Cyclone Kirrily, mosquito repellent is just as important as new books and uniforms when back-to-school shopping.”

“Wet weather, alongside the sunny days we’ve also experienced, means we’re going to experience the ideal breeding condition for mosquitoes, in particular Culex annuilrostris and Aedes notoscriptus – two prominent breeders that respond to rainfall and warm weather,” says Jeannie. “These species can increase the spread of Ross River virus and Barmah Forest virus.”

Good Riddance is a natural, DEET-free insect repellent designed to combat the imminent mosquito surge. The innovative formulation encapsulates these essential oils for a slower release, providing effective protection for longer than other natural insect repellents. “While many natural insect repellents last only 15 minutes, our product offers a minimum of 90 minutes of protection, up to four hours,” says Jeannie.

“Our repellents go beyond mere protection, incorporating aromatherapy techniques to create subtle fragrances, rather than that of a typical insect repellent,” says Jeannie. Good Riddance is also proud to offer a sensitive insect repellent, the only one in Australia suitable for babies under 12 months of age.

Available in select Woolworths stores in QLD, Good Riddance stands as a premium choice for families looking for reliable and long-lasting mosquito protection. Find a stockist at

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