The Property Pendulum: 15 markets swinging towards first home buyers

Property Credit

In their latest insightful report, Property Credit delves into the challenges and emerging opportunities for first home buyers across Australia. Entitled ‘THE PROPERTY PENDULUM – 15 HOUSING MARKETS SWINGING TO FIRST HOME BUYERS’, the analysis covers over 300 housing markets nationally, pinpointing where the market dynamics are increasingly favouring buyers.

Giordano Stepancic, CEO of Property Credit, highlights the complex landscape: “Despite the headwinds of rising interest rates and escalating prices, there are tangible shifts in several markets where the balance is tipping back towards first home buyers. Our report identifies key areas where affordability is still within reach under the $750,000 mark.”

The study reveals that while the overall market may be tough, specific suburbs, especially those in high demand, show a resilience against broader market trends. “While many areas are experiencing a pendulum swing towards buyers, coveted suburbs are holding their ground. This dichotomy can offer strategic opportunities for savvy first home buyers,” Stepancic adds.

Stepancic also notes the importance of timing and local knowledge: “Understanding when and where the market pendulum swings can significantly enhance buying strategies. Our analysis not only identifies where the markets are shifting but also when these changes are occurring, helping buyers make informed decisions.”

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