Tighten your belt or pay the price!

Riding without a seatbelt is far from a ‘cheap’ thrill when you’re dealing with potential costs of life and safety – not to mention a $391 fine.

Whether you’re a driver or passenger you must by law wear your seatbelt in a vehicle.

If you don’t, you face a fine of $391 and three demerit points as a driver, or passenger aged 16 years or older.

Drivers can also be fined and lose points for every passenger in the vehicle who isn’t buckled up – that adds up to a huge cost and potential loss of licence.

The responsibility for making sure everyone in the car is wearing a seatbelt lies with the driver of the vehicle.

A seatbelt is vital for protection in a collision or accident, as it holds the occupant in place, preventing additional harm and keeping them in the right position for an airbag to deploy effectively.

Queensland Police Service Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating of Road Policing Command said 13,000 infringements were issued in Queensland every year for seatbelt offences.

“The statistics show young men aged 21 to 29 are more likely to be caught not wearing a seat belt,” Assistant Commissioner Keating said.

“Just over half of all infringements for failing to buckle up are issued to drivers and a quarter to passengers aged 16 years or over.

“It’s shocking that about a fifth of all seat belt infringements involve drivers with unrestrained children in the car.

“As a parent and as a driver it is your responsibility to ensure your children are safe and buckled up every trip, every time.”

One in four people killed on Queensland roads aren’t wearing a seat belt. A life is a steep cost to pay. It’s not worth it – tighten your belt!

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