Time for Australians to say no to tax cuts that benefit those who least need them

Public Health Association of Australia

The country’s peak body for public health is urging the Albanese Government to not proceed with the stage three tax cuts in their current form.

The greatest health disparities and the worst health outcomes are experienced by people with the least resources. Middle- and high-income Australians are among the healthiest people on earth.

“We must do more for those Australians who are in need of support,” Public Health Association of Australia CEO, Adj Prof Terry Slevin, said.

“Better income support, better housing, and better childcare will ultimately benefit us all.

“The government can achieve those outcomes – if it does not diminish its revenue base by hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade.

“We are urging well paid Australians to petition the Government to reverse the stage three tax cuts, even though they stand to benefit most. We are urging them to say ‘No thanks'”.

Our petition states:

“The Australian Government helps provide many services that benefit people in Australia, ranging from funding health to education to housing, financial support to our most vulnerable people, and much more.

“We know there are many areas in which the government would like to increase funding, such as preventive health programs, childcare, and aged care, but feels constrained because of budgetary pressures, and the need to fulfil Labor’s election promises.”

Sign our petition to encourage the Government to sensibly reverse their commitment to stage three tax cuts, and help make Australia a better, fairer, and healthier place for everyone.

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