Tiny Homes Key To Big Housing Affordability Challenge

National Australia Bank

For many Australians The Great Australian dream of home ownership is becoming increasingly out of reach.

Data released by Housing Australia last year revealed more than 377,600 households are in need of housing, including 331,000 in rental stress and 46,500 experiencing homelessness.

Community housing providers like not-for-profit organisation Junction are finding innovative solutions to get homes on the ground.

Calls for a collective effort

Junction CEO Maria Palumbo said Australia’s housing crisis has seen the people seeking support from the organisation increase.

“Housing supply is something that’s being felt across the whole country and everybody’s really aware of it now. And that’s and that’s a really good thing…There is not one provider or not one area of the business community or the community itself that can fix this. The situation on housing needs a collective effort,” Ms Palumbo said.

On a recent visit to Junction in South Australia Mr McEwan and Andrew Irvine, Group Executive Business & Private Bank endorsed Junction’s innovative approach to new housing solutions, including a Tiny Homes campus housing project.

“Housing is the biggest issue facing the country,” Mr McEwan said. “Providing safe and liveable homes for a nation needs banks, government and non-profits working well together, so we’re actively contributing to partnerships that help get us there.”

NAB CEO Ross McEwan and Andrew Irvine visit a Junction housing project in South Australia.

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