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ABS and NT Government Memorandum of Understanding
Origin Omen: Queensland Economy Going Strong
Lower interest rates to boost small business investment
Tasmania continues to lead nation for building approvals
Trade in Services Australia 2017-18
Job creation continues in Queensland
Australian wages rise 0.5% in March quarter 2019
Labor’s Child Care Policy Unraveling by Day
Childhood abuse increases risk of violence in adulthood
ABS appoints PwC Australia and Adecco Group Australia to deliver key 2021 Census services
Health Costs Outpace Inflation
Increased agricultural water use in 2017-18
Australians feel positive about their health literacy
Almost 13 million Aussies risk heart disease: new data
CPI recorded no movement in March quarter 2019
Multiple job holders earn less
Renewable energy jobs surge on back of solar
And Labor lies continue
7.3 million migrants call Australia home
Improved access to scripts: vital to better health
Growth in job vacancies eases further in February
ACT residents healthier than other Australians
Fewer children overweight or obese in Victoria
Growth in Australia’s capitals remains steady
Kids clock up 10 or more hours of screen time per week
Movies a winner but we’re also hooked on books
450,000 Jobs For Victorians Under An Andrews Labor Government
Trend unemployment rate steady at 5.0%
Australia’s population growth remains steady
Road freight on rise
Property prices fall 2.4% in December quarter 2018
Preschool programs reach most Australian children
Labor’s funding package to address homelessness and child protection
Construction Strikes Double – ABCC Must Be Retained
People less likely to live in couple families with kids
Lending to households falls 2.4 per cent
Secondary jobs top one million
More girls than boys staying in school
Export growth remains strong
Retail turnover rises 0.1 per cent in January
Economy grew 0.2 per cent in December quarter
Current account deficit decreases to $7.2 billion
Dwelling approvals decline in January in trend terms
Decrease in defendants finalised by the courts
New analysis of the Australian workforce from 2011 to 2016
New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland biggest water consumers in 2016-17
Energy value increasing, households more efficient
Continued Low Growth in Average Earnings