Latest Antarctica News

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Floating Internet of Things 13 January 2022
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Statement about RV Investigator 10 January
‘Incredibly detailed preservation’: scientists discover new fossil site in NSW
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Looking back on 2021 31 December 2021
Deepsea mountain mapped by RSV Nuyina 30 December 2021
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RSV Nuyina Antarctic voyage delayed 20 December 2021
RSV Nuyina launches new era in Antarctic Science 18 December 2021
Everyday jobs in an extraordinary place 14 December 2021
Journey to SKA telescope and beyond Milky Way
Geoscience Australia celebrates International Volunteer Day
Drill site pinpointed for Million Year Ice Core 8 December 2021
Antarctic expeditioners tackle world’s chillest conservation project
Nominations for Australian Antarctic Medal open 29 November 2021
New Ambassador to Russia announced
What’s in name? 26 November 2021
Future investment planned as Antarctica environment protected
Future investment planned as Antarctic environment protected 25 November 2021
‘Ground-breaking’ voyage to unlock Earth’s inner secrets
Invasive species are threatening Antarctica’s fragile ecosystems as human activity grows and world warms
Antarctic ice sheet changed alarmingly quickly in past – and it may be happening again now
Antarctic ice sheet changed alarmingly quickly 20,000 years ago – and it’s happening again now
“An amazing place” Dave Buller returns as Casey research station leader 18 November 2021
What is flower moon?
Optus Selects Launch Partner for Next Gen Satellite
Explainer: why sea level will rise for decades after we reach net zero carbon
Smuggling bear parts in Australia and NZ
2000 year ice core record explores link between Australian drought and greenhouse gases
Bianca finds bird call too strong to ignore
IPI Packers: Australian-made, international performance
Research into decarbonising Antarctic science
Different recipe, same sauce
Vaccine on ice arrives in Antarctica 29 October 2021
Icy double vax for Antarctic expeditioners
Epic Australian Antarctic season under way 28 October 2021
Boaties be aware as whale season winds down
QUT researchers take out four Women in Technology awards
Antarctic shipping update 19 October 2021
RSV Nuyina lights up future for Antarctic research