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Male southern elephant seals are picky eaters, study suggests
New appointments to better protect Great Barrier Reef
Octopus DNA contains warning on global warming
Avian influenza has killed millions of seabirds around the world: Antarctica could be next
Octopus DNA contains grave warning for sea level rise
What octopus DNA tells us about Antarctic ice sheet collapse
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all at the Australian Antarctic Program 22 December 2023
19-million-year-old fossil jaw bone hints the biggest whales first evolved somewhere unexpected
Antarctic krill head south 19 December 2023
Oceanography, seafloor mapping and satellite combine to map world’s strongest current
Nella Dan history highlights Danish, Australian maritime links 19 December 2023
New ecosystem mapping workflow tackles unique challenges of Antarctic continent
Station Leaders 2023-24 18 December 2023
AAD calls for public comment on draft Mawson Station Heritage Management Plan 15 December 2023
COP28 closes with historic agreements, but significant shifts still needed
Wing 371 Graduation – new cops for Christmas
New exhibition explores Coffs Harbour’s changing identity
Matt grew up on Antarctic adventure stories. Now he’s living them. 12 December 2023
Doing science in Antarctica has harmed an environment under great pressure. Here’s how we can do better
After years of planning, scientists arrive and the Denman Terrestrial Campaign gets started 8 December 2023
What does El Niño do to the weather in your state?
Million year ice core drilling postponed 8 December 2023
Penguins obtain large quantities of sleep via seconds-long microsleeps
End in sight for expeditioners as RSV Nuyina heads for Hobart 1 December 2023
Air Force delivers helicopters for remote science campaign 30 November 2023
Antarctic research to assist astronauts 30 November 2023
COP28: Earth’s frozen zones are in trouble – we’re already seeing the consequences
Monash University to host Blue Zone Pavilion at COP28, showcasing global commitment to climate action
Risks and challenges of operating in harsh, remote conditions
Icebergs, adventure and friendships for life: Applications open for Antarctic trades 21 November 2023
3000 years of carbon monoxide records show positive impact of global intervention in the 1980s
Ozone hole causes UV hazard for Australian expeditioners 15 November 2023
International research collaborations now at stake
North Atlantic’s marine productivity may not be declining, according to new study of older ice cores
We can still prevent the collapse of the West Antarctic ice sheet – if we act fast to keep future warming in check
Fresh berries and a dog to pat: Antarctic expeditioners prepare for the highlights of home 10 November 2023
‘The discovery for our lifetime’: UNSW scientist to take part in key Antarctic mission
Contribution of Antarctic sector on full display
Australia’s unique weather captured as the Australian Weather Calendar turns 40
New Antarctic ice shelf-ocean model makes a splash 8 November 2023
Luminous ‘mother-of-pearl’ clouds explain why climate models miss so much Arctic and Antarctic warming
UniSA scientist sets sail for Antarctica on global leadership expedition
Fishing for science around Heard Island 3 November 2023
What our furry friends can teach us about loyalty, love and loss
Veggie burgers, gnocchi and sticky date pudding
Underwater robot updates understanding of ice shelf crevasses
Former MP chills with penguins ahead of charity Polar Plunge
Remember the climate map from your school atlas? Here’s what climate change is doing to it