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Dynamic interaction zone between farmers and pastoralists
Telling story of change in our world
Ancient DNA reveals the earliest evidence of the last massive human migration to Western Europe
Cultural Studies goes YouTube
Magical Handbook for Afterlife
New methods for ancient texts
Harnack Medal for Daniel Zajfman
The Viking disease can be due to gene variants inherited from Neanderthals
Curious children, less curious apes
Research shows giraffes can use statistical reasoning. They’re the first animal with a relatively small brain known to do this
Reviving Stone Age molecules
Who owned this Stone Age jewellery? New forensic tools offer an unprecedented answer
Traces from past
Year of ‘Repair’ ends with research conference at Society for the Humanities
“Exquisite” sabertooth skull offers clues about Ice Age predator
Radar, AI identify Alaska Native Spanish flu victims burial site
How Dogs are Used Impacts How They Are Treated
New members sought for Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Council
La Trobe excels in QS global subject rankings
Pioneer of precious taonga conservation: Dilys Johns
Language acquisition in multilingual children
Four Australian Aboriginal spears taken by James Cook to be returned to traditional owners
We thought the first hunter-gatherers in Europe went missing during the last ice age. Now, ancient DNA analysis says otherwise
Ice Age Survivors
Cornell repatriates ancestral remains to Oneida Nation
Uncovering traits of Japan’s dual ancestry
New head for School of Humanities
AFP women keeping Australians safe through science
We found 2.9-million-year-old stone tools used to butcher ancient hippos – but likely not by our ancestors
Discovery at 2.9-Million-Year-Old African Site Prompts New Consideration of Who Made First Stone Tools
A&S secures gifts, embarks on McGraw Hall renovation
Violence was widespread in early farming society
Marriage in Minoan Crete
Art Gallery opens For 2023 with unlemon: meandering tale of citrus
Mangroves masters of their environment
Extinct ‘monkey lemur’ shows similarities to fossil humans
‘Genetic Afterlives’ receives book prize
UN expert: Argentina’s pending debt is effective investigation and prevention of all unlawful deaths
How genome research is helping recovery of Chatham Island black robin
Genes and tongues are not always tied together
Semut scoops Australian War Memorial’s Les Carlyon Literary Prize
Autism researcher elected to Academy
Infants less likely to contract COVID, develop severe symptoms than other household caregivers
Anthropologists Find New Ways Female Bones Are Permanently Altered After Giving Birth
Djungan and Djabugay artefacts return home
First-ever genetic analysis of a Neanderthal family paints a fascinating picture of a close-knit community
Creating ‘political economy of hope’ at Pakistan-India border
Study Finds Law Enforcement Is Hampering Harm Reduction Programs in N.C