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Restoring coastal habitat boosts wildlife numbers by 61% – but puzzling failures mean we can still do better
Why the pathology bulk-billing campaign is more about driving industry profits than saving you money
Are tomorrow’s engineers ready to face AI’s ethical challenges?
New Name For Sustainable Future
Researchers Develop Energy-Efficient Computer by Combining CMOS with Stochastic Nanomagnet
AI is making smart devices – watches, speakers, doorbells – easier to hack. Here’s how to stay safe
Program to show students you don’t need to be Einstein to study STEM
Federal Funding: AI Research for Secure Software Development
Lexus Presents Time At 2024 Milan Design Week
Microsoft invests $1.5 billion in Abu Dhabi’s G42 to accelerate AI development and global expansion 
Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships announced
UN experts deplore use of purported AI to commit ‘domicide’ in Gaza, call for reparative approach to rebuilding: Gaza
Ambulance Victoria teams up with Singapore Civil Defence Force
Opinion piece: Government getting high-quality results from AI
HKGAI Debuts Cutting Edge AI Projects at InnoEx 2024
Applied Machine Learning certificate prepares professionals for data science careers
The hidden risk of letting AI decide – losing the skills to choose for ourselves
AI chatbots are bad at planning, but this could soon change
CDU EXPERT: Governments must crack down on AI interfering with elections
Despite what you might hear, weather prediction is getting better, not worse
Personalized cancer treatments based on testing drugs quickly leads to faster treatment, better outcomes
Surgery won’t fix my chronic back pain, so what will?
More Monash subjects enter top 50 in latest global subject rankings
Workforce Productivity Improvements Need Alignment Of The Skills Training And Higher Education Systems
36 Disciplines In Global Top 50 In QS Subject Rankings
To understand the risks posed by AI, follow the money
World first eye screening system to help prevent blindness
Deepfake porn: why we need to make it a crime to create it, not just share it
NAB CEO speaks at Trans-Tasman Business Circle on the economy, scams & fraud and AI
Digital Transformation Of Workplaces
PolyU harnesses GeoAI technologies to enable sustainable urban development
A culture of intrapreneurship: 3 practices for organizational innovation
AI may develop a huge carbon footprint, but it could also be a critical ally in the fight against climate change
Clinical Improvements For Joint Operations
Online child safety laws could help or hurt – 2 pediatricians explain what’s likely to work and what isn’t
Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention – Speech – 3 April 2024
Good evidence confuses ChatGPT when used for health information
A century after the EEG was discovered, it remains a crucial tool for understanding the brain
Leaders to help Defence science into the future
Wristband uses echos, AI to track hand positions for VR and more
WHO unveils a digital health promoter harnessing generative AI for public health
NSW Government unveils innovative flood and storm intelligence project
Study Suggests Taking an Aggressive Stance in Crisis Communications Costs Companies Money
Tasmanian jailed for possessing AI-generated child abuse material
Hop Into Action This Easter To Save Iconic Bilby
Affordable apartments on track for Midland’s urban renewal precinct
Enabling critical defence research collaboration will underpin national security