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Accelerating Australia’s clean energy future
New Report Identifies Bottlenecks to Generation Investment
AEMO Plan Identifies Dispatchable Plant Deficit
Australian Energy Council Congratulates Reece Whitby and Acknowledges Bill Johnston
Electricity Sector Leads Decarbonisation Efforts
Peak Industry Body Appoints New Chair and Deputy Chair
AEC Statement on Expansion of Capacity Investment Scheme
Energy Companies Support Financial Counselling Services
Industry to fund additional financial counselling services
Statement on latest market assessment
Creating net-zero data centres through digital tools and metrics
Peak body says bill savings available to households
AEC welcomes Net Zero Plan
Default Market Offer confirmed as retailers work to deliver direct bill relief
Budget: Positive steps for the transition, but more to be done on capacity
Retailers Partner to Deliver Direct Power Bill Relief
Sarah McNamara discusses Net Zero Authority announcement, ABC PM
Statement on National Net Zero Authority
National EV Focus Welcomed
We need a National Energy Transition Authority to help fossil fuel workers adjust
Energy Industry Congratulates NSW Energy Minister
NPI Data Show Improvements in Emission Trends
Strengthened Safeguard Mechanism Significant Step
Wholesale Cost Pressures Reflected in Regulated Electricity Prices
Background Briefing: Retailers and Gas Supply for C&I customers
Response to NSW EPA’s Climate Change Policy and Action Plan
Sun Cable’s crash isn’t the end of Australia’s renewable energy export dreams
The A$30 billion Sun Cable crash is a setback but doesn’t spell the end of Australia’s renewable energy export dreams
Challenge of Extreme Weather and Maintaining Power Supply
Supreme Court Finds Generators’ Licenses in Order
Passage of Energy Price Relief Measures
Statement on June Energy Crisis
Blame-shifting to Generators doesn’t stack up: AEC
Background briefing How coal and gas prices impact retail electricity bills
Retailers Performing Under Financial Pressure
Risk hydrogen target will impose costs on WA consumers
Statement on AER’s Towards Energy Equity Report
Statement on Queensland Energy Plan
Victorian Storage Target Announcement
AEC Congratulates Government on Passage of Climate Bill Through Senate
Business, investor and conservation groups come together to support Climate Bill as key step towards policy certainty and investment
Fresh claims about generators unsubstantiated
AEMO’s future plan reflects profound energy shift
AEC says lifting of market suspension is right move
AEC supports work on capacity mechanism
Generator bidding during NEM crisis
Statement on NEM market suspension
Sarah McNamara, ABC RN Breakfast with Patricia Karvelas