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Four ways AI could be used for good
Government Snubs Expert Advice On Biosecurity Levy
National accolades for teaching and research dynamos
Democracy Sausage: Saving the Australian dream
Researchers found 37 mine sites in Australia that could be converted into renewable energy storage. So what are we waiting for?
2023 Shaping Australia Awards Winners Announced
‘It’s like winning Eurovision’: an ANU graduate’s journey from kangaroo whisperer to global dance sensation
As Varroa spreads, now is the time to fight for Australia’s honey bees – and you can help
ANU parasite expert named science teacher of the year
Parasite insights: the award-winning scientist teaching the world about deadly diseases
ANU responds to Universities Accord Final Report
Modern day Madonna? How Taylor Swift’s music takes inspiration from the 80s 
Mice surprise: researchers discover new native mammal species
We discovered two new Australian native mammals – the first of their kind this century
Unmarked graves, violent repression and cultural erasure: the devastating human toll of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
The brightest object ever observed in the night sky is a black hole that’s growing by the equivalent of one Sun a day
Harnessing Power Of AI In Psychology
Controversial Biosecurity Levy attracts fresh criticism
Why 2024 could be a grim year for Ukraine – with momentous implications for the world
Democracy Sausage: Israel, Gaza and the crisis in the Middle East
Monster black hole devouring one sun every day
The brightest object in the universe is a black hole that eats a star a day
Tourism, higher education and transport key focus for ACT trade delegation to India and Singapore
Four real : quantum computing engineers perform multiple control methods in just one atom
Research leaves smoking stereotypes up in smoke
New director appointed to National Museum of Australia
Data science shown to expedite return of ancestral Indigenous remains
Climate change is forcing Australians to weigh up relocating. How do they make that difficult decision?
The Jewish creatives’ WhatsApp leak was more whistleblowing than doxing. Here’s why
Uncovering hidden history at Cape Schanck
How you can help save Aussie nicknames
You need to calm down: How to make lasting memories at a Taylor Swift concert
New dates: Canberra Writers Festival moving from winter to spring
GRDC invests $1.9m in research for climate-resilient crops
Diana Hallam announced as AFPA’s new Chief Executive Officer
The government is well behind on Closing the Gap. This is why we needed a Voice to Parliament
Australia’s most at-risk bird species share some common traits
New logging rules in NSW put the greater glider closer to extinction. When will we start protecting these amazing animals?
Democracy Sausage: Do unto others
Be audacious to change the system, advocate tells new students
New sun safety advice tailored for Australia’s diverse population
Elizabeth Blower’s oar-inspiring effort to raise money for women’s rowing
The good news: 25 Australian birds are now at less risk of extinction. The bad news: 29 are gone and 4 more might be
World-leading ANU scientists take up key advisory roles
Taskforce launched on Chief Psychiatrist’s review into complex mental health care
Innovative Biodiversity Monitoring grants awarded
PNG has key role in the Pacific’s future security: PM Marape
ANU scientists debunk role of ‘junk cells’ in fight against malaria