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NT croc resurgence under investigation
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CDU secures $2million research boost
Research boosted by $4.5 million in ARC funding
Sydney academics recognised for workplace health and wellbeing research
UNSW Sydney awarded more than $3.5m for ARC Linkage Projects
La Trobe receives $4.1m in ARC grants
New research to help understand changing glaciers, seafood safety and 3D printing
UOW researchers awarded $5M in ARC Discovery Projects grants
Funding to drive Indigenous and transcultural lens in PhD research
New placement for one of Earth’s largest mass extinction events
ARC Discovery and Linkage Project funding announced
National supplies of protein, carbs and fats may predict your lifespan
Monash leads Australia with over $38M in research funding
ARC Discovery funding for methane frontier research at Southern Cross University
ARC Discovery Projects success
UOW researcher gains funding for Parkinson’s disease study
Research collaborations to strengthen our economy
ARC grant approvals
Cancer-curing potential unlocked with valuable research funding
Skull shines light on human evolution
Fish give insight on sound sensitivity in autism
Dark matter research boosted by Australian Research Council grant
How humble sea sponge helped scientists unravel a 700 million-year-old mystery of evolution
Seeing dark matter in a new light
Sea sponge unravels 700 million-year-old mystery
Leap forward for brain research
New trans-Pacific partnership in thermal spray
Bronze Age travel routes revealed using pioneering research method
Sustainable fishing research hooks government funding
Purple Crowned Fairy Wren unlocks key to immune function
UNSW researchers awarded more than $9 million in government funding
Up-and-coming researchers awarded $10m
La Trobe’s DECRA funding success
UNSW Arts & Social Sciences researchers receive ARC Discovery Indigenous grants