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Monash partners with Israel’s world leading Sheba Medical Centre to accelerate medical innovation and health service transformation
Personalised care at heart of significant funding boost
MRFF Cardiovascular Health Grant
$382 million for nearly 200 ground-breaking medical research projects
2023 New South Wales Election Statement
Cutting costs shouldn’t cost you your heart health
Lunchbox Lifesaver tips for healthy return to school
Leafier communities, healthier hearts: study
Taskforce tackles uncontrolled blood pressure
Meeting of minds at Sydney Cardiovascular Symposium
Lots of ‘breakthroughs’, still no cure
Call for action to address climate and environmental risks for people living with cardiovascular disease
Jennie Mackenzie donates 20 million to Charles Perkins Centre
Humans are going back to Moon, and beyond – but how will we feed them?
Exercise protects breast cancer patients hearts against chemotherapy drugs, new study finds
Extra hour to fix your circadian rhythm
Priya Iyer’s PhD research helps spinal cord injury patients manage cardiovascular health risks
Heart attack causes under microscope
Changing standard of care for mild heart attacks
Heart Foundation congratulates Federal Government on $33.6 million to heart health of Australians
$156 million to support innovative medical research
MRFF backs Monash health and medical research with $28M in funding
$156 million for innovative medical research
Improving heart health with app: Study aims to get young adults moving
Life-saving heart/lung machine research receives funding boost
Old people home for old dogs
Adult ADHD linked to elevated risk of cardiovascular diseases
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute is proud to announce Terry and Ginette Snow as inaugural winners of Chuck Feeney Award
Why exercise is vital for heart health
Study identifies gut bacteria that regulate cholesterol
NetOptAwario’s new technology transforms detection of heart arrhythmias with AI and remote monitoring
Dietary salt substitutes lower risk of heart attack, stroke and death
Research Links Red Meat Intake, Gut Microbiome, and Cardiovascular Disease in Older Adults
Call for heart checks in pregnancy
What Autoimmune Diseases Are and What Can Be Done to Alleviate Them
Collaboration will advance cardiac health through AI
Volpara Health in new collaboration with Microsoft
Addressing e-cigarette use among school children
Walking towards healthier knees
WatchOS 9 delivers new ways to stay connected, active, and healthy
E-cigarettes are harmful and addicting youth: report
Healthy hearts for an overlooked group
Creating Clear Guidelines for Treating Opioid Addiction and Preventing Overdoses
Plant-based omega-3s may boost heart health, reduce risk of heart disease
Soak up health benefits of water
Physical activity key to living well after stroke
New research shows kids can help families cut salt consumption
Apple celebrates Heart Month with new resources across services