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Nasa to overhaul mission returning samples from Mars – here’s why it must and will go ahead
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International Students Receive Territory Welcome
Log Carrier Incident At Port Of Tauranga
Trade relationship with China remains strong
HKUST Achieves New Records at 49th International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva
Merchant Navy Veteran Honoured
Peter Higgs’ famous particle discovery is now at the heart of strategies to unlock the secrets of the universe
TikTok fears point to larger problem: Poor media literacy in the social media age
Sister City relationships explored in new book International Connections
How a teenager helped identify a new species of giant marine reptile
Apple Cuts Greenhouse Emissions In Half
Could Albanese’s bet on homegrown green industries be the boost our regions deserve?
Australia and India sign Authorised Economic Operator Mutual Recognition Arrangement to strengthen relations
Australia’s new defence strategy is big on ideas, but lacks one key ingredient: well-trained soldiers
Olympic Basketball Send-Off Secured For Victoria
Panel Discussion Advocates for Renewed Climate Leadership in Oceania
Why the kookaburra’s iconic laugh is at risk of being silenced
Apple ramps up investment in clean energy and water around the world
OzGrav 2.0: A new era of astrophysics launched at Swinburne
Australian Prime Minister Radio Interview – 4CC Breakfast
Opinion piece: Future Made in Australia will drive our place in new global economy
As China’s influence on Pacific media intensifies, Australia can’t afford to lose the region’s trust
Program aims to break down dementia stigma in Chinese Australian communities
Have New Zealanders really been ‘misled’ about AUKUS, or is involvement now a foregone conclusion?
Why robots can be culturally insensitive – and how scientists are trying to fix it
McClay reaffirms strong NZ-China trade relationship
Jim Chalmers seeks to allay fears industry policy will be financial ‘free-for-all’
Nitazenes found in 5 overdose deaths in Philly – here’s what they are and why they’re so deadly
Trillions of tonnes of carbon locked in soil has been left out of environmental models – and it’s on the move
Support Flows For WA Wine Exports To China
$4 million penalties against restaurant and management for “a cal
Green economy summit: how can Australia get more from its relationship with Vietnam?
Bold experiment hailed a success by GAI and AIIA Queensland
HKUST President Spearheads GBAAA Summit to Exchange Insights
Maritime Strategy Perspectives
Future Made In Australia Act Must Have Specific, Enforceable Local Content Requirements And The Right Investment
Israel accused of using AI to target thousands in Gaza, as killer algorithms outpace international law
Once enemies, Japan and US strengthen their alliance – and it goes beyond AUKUS
Australian Science Key To Future Made In Australia
Into the future: this year’s Westpac Scholars announced
Boosting NZ’s trade and agricultural relationship with China
Researchers propose mechanism for just energy transition in Pakistan
Roads of destruction: we found vast numbers of illegal ‘ghost roads’ used to crack open pristine rainforest