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UQ research reveals new brain networks critical to memory formation
Assessing Generational Change to Reduce Dementia Impact
Genetic Risk for High Blood Pressure Associated with Poorer Cognitive Function
Platelets can replicate benefits of exercise in brain
Extreme Heat May Hasten Cognitive Decline in Vulnerable Populations
Wives on money when partner’s brain function declines
Funding Success to Decrease Stigma and Increase Help-Seeking
Alzheimer’s drug donanemab has been hailed as a ‘turning point’ for treatment. But what does it mean for people with the disease?
Promising results of new Alzheimer’s drug published – early diagnosis is key
Mater Researcher Jen Stables is inspiring the next generation of Queensland women in STEM
New research prompts call for aged care to embrace training on ageism
New centre to support older residents and carers now open 
Slow Walking Could Be Sign of Dementia in Older Dogs
Improving care planning for older Australians
Do sleep apps help with insomnia?
Sleep apnoea link to cognitive decline
When pigeons dream
Ischemic heart disease linked to increased risk of dementia
CHeBA Partners with UQ and Aged Care Provider to Reduce Risk of Cognitive Decline
Maintaining cognitive function
GlyNAC supplementation improves cognitive decline and brain health in aging
Understanding self-directed ageism
Passing the sniff test: Can we train our brain to boost smell and memory?
Love thy neighbour: How to help older people deal with social isolation and loneliness
Social interaction reduces dementia risk and increases longevity: study
Interfering with antiviral pathway may deter Alzheimer’s
Mind matter: Sharpening focus on ‘brain age’
Research funding helps Australians with dementia
Eating more magnesium each day keeps dementia at bay
Higher dose of magnesium each day keeps dementia at bay
World first: risk of dementia linked to high cholesterol
Culturally diverse people might resist frontotemporal dementia symptoms for longer
Sharing meals can help older Australians combat loneliness
Diabetes and Toothlessness Together Worsen Cognitive Decline
Noel Pearson to speak at superannuation conference, Melbourne, 21 March
Minister for Cyber Security to speak at super conference, Melbourne, 22 March
Call for Manchester volunteers in dementia/Alzheimer’s pollution link study
New research aims to understand why women more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease
$310.3 million for research to improve Australians’ health, primary health care and research infrastructure
Progress on Alzheimer’s blood test could improve early-intervention opportunities
Apathy May Predict Progression to Dementia
Can chewing help manage stress, pain and appetite? Here’s what the science says
Rapid cognitive decline uncommon in ageing people with HIV on stable treatment: study
Normal Memory Loss in Ageing: How Much?
Immune cells help protect brain health and cognition
Gene therapy offers hope for severe epilepsy
Lots of ‘breakthroughs’, still no cure
Researchers Find That Brains with More Vitamin D Function Better