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Coal mine blocked under Australia’s environment law for the first time
Grants to protect Australia’s newest marine parks
Most coral reef sharks and rays may be at risk of extinction
Climate change puts brakes on speedy corals
Global variation in fate of coral reefs
It’s most wonderful time of year at Queensland Cultural Centre
Coral-eating starfish – another victim of climate change?
Reef businesses adapt to climate change
AgForce labels Reef report “flawed” and calls for national Office of Science Quality Assurance
Weaving art with science in ghost net collaboration
Call for harder line on how we judge conservation
Elite scientists recognised 16 November
BVN Architecture and UTS win for INNOVATION at Sustainability Awards 2022
Study reveals how ancient fish colonized deep sea
Hayabusa2 samples reveal formation and evolution of asteroid Ryugu
Coral reefs can adapt in response to mild marine heatwaves
Five areas ranked in global top 50 in rankings
QUT Research in Focus: Check out 2022 finalists
How do fishes scratch their itches?
Mass bleachings – but little change in GBR priorities
Future health of coral reefs written in sand
Capella Lodge Named Top Lodge in Australia and South Pacific
Video surveys show sea snake species hiding in deep at Ashmore Reef
“Coral Reefs of World” series expands with new volume on omics
Coral reef Olympics: fastest, strongest and most agile Reef creatures
Changes in marine ecosystems going undetected
Woodside’s final Browse plan shows why this toxic project must be stopped
Is climate change disrupting maritime boundaries?
Sharks walk away from climate change
Highest coral cover in central, northern Reef in 36 years
‘Cleaner’ fish potential parasite super-spreaders
Greenpeace activists in Germany protest troubled Uniper over Woodside gas support
Planting butterflies, bottled cures and quackery, cancer art, and hundreds of mini-rockets take to skies
Record coral cover doesn’t necessarily mean Great Barrier Reef is in good health
Coral cover’s up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Coral cover up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
New data shows promising increase in coral cover but comes with warning on diversity loss
Highest coral cover in central, northern Reef in 36 years
Great Barrier Reef plastics danger
‘Groovy’ research unlocks secrets of wave energy
Five-yearly report reveals Australia’s environment ‘crumbling rapidly’ and lays down marker for radical action
Double burden of climate change
Real-time AI model aims to help protect Great Barrier Reef
Algae can help protect coral reefs – but it’s all in timing
Soft corals more resilient than reef-building corals during marine heatwave
Ningaloo corals are ill-equipped to handle future climate change
Recognising resilient reef islands: It’s what they’re made of
Koinmerburra Ridge to Reef Restoration Project