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Record coral cover doesn’t necessarily mean Great Barrier Reef is in good health
Coral cover’s up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
Coral cover up, but critical risks remain in Reef recovery
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Highest coral cover in central, northern Reef in 36 years
Great Barrier Reef plastics danger
‘Groovy’ research unlocks secrets of wave energy
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Real-time AI model aims to help protect Great Barrier Reef
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Koinmerburra Ridge to Reef Restoration Project
Your ABC…helping shape Australia for 90 years
CSIRO’s Dr Beth Fulton inducted as fellow into Australian Academy of Science
Election result resets agenda on climate action, brings renewed hope for our reefs
Building shared future for all life by supporting biological diversity
Labor’s $194M for Reef welcome sea-change, but greater ambition to reduce emissions crucial
Small community, big vision
Greens’ bold environmental policy is what our oceans need
Dire coral bleaching figures show how Morrison Government has failed Great Barrier Reef
Coral spawning success advances Ningaloo Reef research
Australian photographers dazzle at Wildlife Photographer of Year
Sweet spots in sea
Coral reef preservation efforts not looking at whole picture
Coral reef preservation efforts not looking at whole picture
For sake of our oceans, IPCC warnings can no longer be ignored
3D approach to protecting biodiversity on high seas
Coral spawning success advances Ningaloo climate research
Coral bleaching underway at Ningaloo-Exmouth Gulf is warning we cannot ignore
Another bailout for failing fishery must bring results for our oceans
Testing how seaweed biofilters could improve Reef water quality
Tropical fish all at sea
Monitoring Mission must be taken to see epicentres of severe mass bleaching event on our Reef say marine conservationists
$63 Million To Support Great Barrier Reef Science
Environment Department shrouds UNESCO mission to Reef in secrecy, keeps agenda under tight control
Dire warning for Great Barrier Reef as UN inspection begins: Climate Council briefing
Frozen coral sperm successfully used in coral breeding trials
More bleaching devastation on our Reef exposes woeful Morrison government climate inaction
Climate change causes severe and widespread coral bleaching event on Great Barrier Reef in La Niña year
Event summary – Vertical integration: Key to meeting India’s climate goals
Fade to grey – fish communities become duller as coral reefs die
Concerns as development threatens reefs
IPCC Report & emissions data: Australia could lose it all
Amphibious platoon shows its versatility
City of Fremantle supports Blue Gravity launch