Latest Cornell University News

John Kerry will speak at Belnick presidential forum
Digitization grants awarded to Arts and Sciences projects
Cornell startup Combplex wins $500K in 76West competition
Entry isn’t easy, but immigrants face few barriers in NYC tech
Panel offers look at open access in COVID-19 era
Analysis: Trump White House NDAs are likely unconstitutional
Efficacy, politics influence public trust in COVID-19 vaccine
Using microbes, scientists aim to extract rare-earth elements
Religion: less ‘opiate,’ more suppressant, study finds
CCE helps Buffalo get school food truck rolling
Baby bobcat rallies after hip surgery
Cornell United Way drive kicks off; needs greater due to virus
Fossil footprints tell story of prehistoric parent’s journey
Wilkerson to discuss ‘Racial Moment of Truth’ in CCSS lecture
Zhang helps NYS to go solar, avoid land-use conflicts
StayHomecoming 2020 brings Big Red spirit online
Homecoming keynote highlights Law School clinics
New Jeep ad supports Carl Sagan Institute initiative
Grants fund community-engaged learning curricula
Cornell unites science and policy to end hunger
Community honors Toni Morrison with ‘Bluest Eye’ reading
Study upends understanding about joint injuries
Grant supports development of efficient offshore wind farms
Donors must double investments to stamp out hunger
Ceres2030 offers path to ending world hunger within decade
Endowment holds steady in FY 2020 despite pandemic
Scientists aim to broaden knowledge of volcanoes
Earphone tracks facial expressions, even with a face mask
New grant fuels better nutrient management in vineyards
Pollack announces residence hall namings in annual address
Summer program helped bolster local indigent defense
Chronicle adds daily email option for news from Cornell
Adult University hosting 2020 election seminar
CCMR JumpStart program funding three NYS companies
‘Yeshiva Days’ records Lower East Side Jewish life
NSF grant to fund research into ‘microcleaners’ for waterways
Pollack encourages voter registration
Filmmaker Jeff Palmer tells Native Americans’ untold stories
Fauci: Controlling coronavirus is ‘within our grasp’
Hydrology Data Tool Helps Users Manage Water Resources, Protect Infrastructure
Coors forum highlights free speech in age of ‘cancel culture’
A&S’s Dark Laboratory to amplify Black, Indigenous voices
Seven postdocs honored with achievement awards
Grant will help researchers prevent apple fire blight in U.S
Postdoc honored by L’Oreal, UN for innovative research
Linguist links language to social change in ‘Words Matter’
RNA analysis at heart of COVID-19 testing
Liquid crystals give red blood cells mechanical squeeze