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CSIRO announces $3 million to support national biotech incubator on projects to minimise antimicrobial resistance
$3 million in Funding to Support Early-Stage Biomedtech Projects Focused on Minimising Antimicrobial Resistance Thanks to the CSIRO
CSIRO research vessel shines with pride as staff march in Sydney Mardi Gras parade
Baiting foxes can make feral cats even more ‘brazen’, study of 1.5 million forest photos shows
One million ‘Introduction to AI’ scholarships available to Australians
How Invasive Bee Colony Defied Genetic Bottleneck
Nasal solution for ear infection in kids closer thanks to major grant
Synthetic polymers provide hope in the fight against invasive fungal infections
Flood Recovery Too Slow
Capital cities to swelter through twice as many days above 35°C unless stronger climate action is taken
Too hot to handle: Capital cities to swelter through twice as many days above 35°C unless stronger climate action is taken
CSIRO Breakthrough To Boost Disease Resistance In Crops
Synthetic biology advances to generate $30B opportunity for Australia
WA grains extension and innovation recognised with GRDC awards
Good things don’t come in threes for Antarctic sea ice
SS Nemesis: 120-year-old shipwreck mystery solved and search for relatives begins
CSIRO helps Heritage NSW solve 120-year maritime mystery of the SS Nemesis
Queensland’s Health Research Digital Ecosystem
Expert commentary: CSIRO supports Intuitive Machines’ first Moon mission
National collaboration to save Australia’s invisible, endangered forest of giant kelp using AI
Mice surprise: researchers discover new native mammal species
We looked at 700 plant-based foods to see how healthy they really are. Here’s what we found
New tool to help Australia’s hydrogen industry maintain HyStandards
Citizen scientists hop to it with rabbit virus tracking project
AI Sprint launched to supercharge solutions for cost of living, climate change
Accelerating Australia’s clean energy future
Agrifood SMEs in Western Australia to get innovation boost from CSIRO
‘Green’ or ‘blue’ hydrogen – what difference does it make? Not much for most Australians
Climate change will impact how fast PV modules degrade: new study finds
CSIRO launches free SME programme for medtech and digital health companies
Brandon BioCatalyst, in partnership with ANDHealth, selected by Federal Government to deliver $50m Dementia and Cognitive Decline Incubator
Australia’s shot-hole borer beetle invasion has begun, but we don’t need to chop down every tree under attack
More extreme weather on horizon
Start-ups to benefit from deals with major venture capital firms
Exploring novel germplasm solutions to support Australias future wine needs
New artificial intelligence expert group
Secrets of Night Parrot unlocked after first genome sequenced
NSW Women in Life Sciences Luncheon 2024 speakers announced
Permaculture showed us how to farm the land more gently. Can we do the same as we farm the sea?
Innovative Biodiversity Monitoring grants awarded
New sustainable water sources under investigation in Exmouth
Australian-first veggie powder range launched in supermarkets
ANU invests in national tech policy capability
Climate change will strike Australia’s precious World Heritage sites – and Indigenous knowledge is a key defence
Dangerous climate tipping points will affect Australia. The risks are real and cannot be ignored
CSIRO study shows marine heatwaves have significant impact on microorganisms
Cell & Gene Catalyst working groups members announced