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Russian Ambassador called in over Ukraine
Russian ambassador should start packing his bags
Sports leaders to upskill in diplomacy
50th anniversary of Australia-Poland diplomatic relations
All stakeholders must act to end impunity, says UN expert: Central African Republic
Timor-Leste – Australia Leaders’ Meeting
Government calls on New Zealanders in Ukraine to leave immediately
UN expert on independence of judges and lawyers will make an official visit: Bolivia
UN Human Rights Experts warn of increased political violence and polarisation in South Sudan,
High Commission in Maldives
UN expert to conduct visit to assess human rights: Central African Republic
UN expert to conduct human rights visit amid growing tensions: Mali
UNIDIR and UNITAR Announce New Partnership for Training in Emerging Tech
Ambassador of Australia for Women and Girls
New Ambassador to Thailand announced
Ramp up in local AdBlue production keeps Australia moving
Australian support to Philippines in wake of Super Typhoon Rai
Dominic Barton to succeed Simon Thompson as Chair
Ai Group report on Australia’s supply chain vulnerabilities
UN expert urges to create favourable environment for civic space: Niger
UN experts say extradition of Uyghur asylum seeker to China violates principle of non-refoulement: Morocco
Officer presented with award at farewell
Visit to United States, Sri Lanka and Indonesia
Trade Minister confirms diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics
Australia, Republic of Korea to work closer on critical minerals
Human rights experts urge States to protect at-risk civil society actors
Time is now to bring manufacturing home
Council commemorates 60th anniversary of Australian-Korean diplomatic relations
President of Republic of Korea visit to Australia
Australian foreign minister to visit Palau
Solomon Islands riots reflect deeper unrest
Switzerland to get access to work and holiday program
Axe heading home to Philippines
Strengthening our technology partnership with India
Foreign Affairs Minister concludes visit to Indonesia
Oxfam’s verdict on COP26 outcome
Senior UN official calls for holistic approach to tackle security and human rights crisis: Mali
Sharing is currency of deployment
UN experts say Israeli settlement expansion ‘tramples’ on human rights law
UN Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights to visit Mali 1
Expert calls for lifting of unilateral sanctions, urges talks: Zimbabwe
Team an anaesthesia to challenges
UN expert calls for “brave” new approach to end Israeli occupation of Palestine
UN experts condemn Israel’s designation of Palestinian human rights defenders as terrorist organisations
Kunming Declaration announced at UN Convention on Biological Diversity – Greenpeace response
Philippines supported in milestone year
Email to Essential Travellers, South Australia
Historic arhats presented for the first time outside Korea