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First complete German shepherd DNA offers new tool to fight disease
A Primer On and Conversation About Biology and Evolution of SARS-CoV-2, Virus That Causes Covid-19
Sturgeon genome sequenced
Tropical testing sharpened
How Trans Fats Assist Cell Death
Engineers model mutations causing drug resistance
University launches action fund to support high-impact research in battle against COVID-19
Collaboration increases opportunities for COVID-19 testing
DNA riddle: how cells access data from ‘genetic cotton reels’
Save Children Covid-19 Response: Putting children first
Worldwide study unlocks genetic secrets of grey matter
A chemical factory for all cases
Heatwaves risky for fish
Three new “panthers” join Queensland’s COVID fight
A tale of shepherds and helices
How plants sound alarm about danger
New nano strategy fights superbugs
Success for UNSW researchers in Cancer Council funding round
More than half of Americans want money, control in exchange for genetic data
Strong signals show how proteins come and go
Study of non-inherited changes to genes highlights environmental interplay in Parkinson’s
Benzene: solving a mystery in 126 dimensions
Solving a mystery in 126 dimensions
Is life a game of chance?
Police appeal for information in 34 year-old Brisbane cold case homicide
New service to support information sharing in donor conception
5000 year old milk proteins point to importance of dairying in eastern Eurasia
New Cas9 variant makes genome editing even more precise
Move It AUS supporting life changing skills for new Australians
This is place to protect your data
EXPERT COMMENTARY: CSIRO’s research with virus responsible for COVID-19
New chemo combo shows promise versus pancreatic cancer
Study: Infectious gut bacteria may predict UTI risk
New era for historic Nicholson Museum
Genetic secret of night vision
Questions loom over future of police lineups
New genes predict glaucoma risk
Discovery of ancient Salmonella
Oldest reconstructed bacterial genomes link agriculture and herding with emergence of new disease
Scientists amplify ‘green’ research at AAAS
Cattai Creek Catchment: Local platypus project needs your help
HeartCare study tests genetic risk of cardiovascular disease
Study identifies risk factors for endometrial cancer
Reproductive genome from laboratory
Snoring is in your genes
All’s fair in love and law: ultimate legal guide to relationships
Research pinpoints rogue cells at root of autoimmune disease
Molecular roadmap boosts fight against endometrial cancer