Latest DNA News | Page 42

Dr. Christophe Herman wins NIH Pioneer Award
Study illuminates link between anglerfish, bacteria
Surrogacy advance could aid rare chicken breeds
New CRISPR-Cas9 variant may boost precision in gene editing
Extra amino acid could work wonders
NIH funds centers to improve, diversify reference human genome
Uncanny similarity between Tasmanian tiger and wolf more than just skin deep
Non-viral gene therapy to speed up cancer research
Virus may jump species through ‘rock-and-roll’ motion with receptors
Message of thanks from daughter of Suzanne Poll
Swarovski Launches a Sparkling New Store in Brisbane
NTU Singapore scientists develop technique to observe radiation damage over a quadrillionth of
Babies’ gut bacteria affected by delivery method
Scientists develop DNA microcapsules with built-in ion channels
Research suggests how environmental toxin produced by algae may lead to ALS
Drilling With Electrified Wired Pipe – PDS is Leading Way to Real Time Optimization and Automation
Inspired by natural signals in living cells, researchers design artificial gas detector
Marine pests can’t hide from underwater eye in Mackay
Marine pests can’t hide from underwater eye
Swarovski Launches a Sparkling New Store in Castle Hill
EDNA: A new tool to establish invasive species eradication success
Source water holds key to bacterial water safety in remote North
U Ethical recognised as a “Best For World” B Corp for exceptional community impact
First pea genome to help improve crops of future
Betmakers develops integrity platform for racing Victoria and agrees to global partnership
DNA changes accelerate body’s ageing process
Marshall Government releases first Arts plan since 2000
Service NSW celebrates a top ten listing as a ‘great Place to Work’ in Australia
Night race drives new dawn for Supercars on Gold Coast
PhD challenge: 80,000 words explained in three minutes
Parasitic worms infect dogs, humans
How our genes and environment influence BMI and height
Study builds roadmap for collecting, sequencing genetic data
Police charge man after DNA links him to historic armed robbery in Kingsford
LG SIGNATURE To Collaborate With Studio Fuksas For IFA 2019 And Beyond
Some microbe degrade oil to gas
Micronutrients affect gut bacteria associated with ADHD in small but promising study
Numbers count in genetics of moles and melanomas
Researchers invent new genetic testing tool for alpacas
Sticky proteins help plants know when – and where – to grow
UTI discovery may lead to new treatments
First cells on ancient Earth may have emerged because building blocks of proteins stabilized
Detention basins could catch more than stormwater
Diarrhoea-causing bacteria adapted to spread in hospitals
Bacteria made to mimic cells, form communities
Otago research shines light on cancer cells
Scientists Uncover Intricacies of “On/Off Switch” that Creates Cell Differentiation
Scientists identify protein factors increasing yield of a biofuel precursor