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Scientists uncover the climate of a planet 280 light-years away
Curious Kids: what stops meteors hitting Earth and hurting people?
Venus is losing water faster than previously thought – here’s what that could mean for the early planet’s habitability
FAO’s environment and climate monitoring portal Earth Map receives Google impact award
Super-cool international effort to solve Southern Ocean cloud mysteries
Starliner: Boeing prepares to launch its first crewed spacecraft as it chases after SpaceX
Gut microbiome: meet E coli – the infamous bacteria with an unfair reputation
China’s new Moon mission is about to launch, and it’s a rare example of countries working together
Taiwan is experiencing millions of cyberattacks every day. The world should be paying attention
Unravelling life’s origin: five key breakthroughs from the past five years
Boeing’s Starliner is about to launch − if successful, the test represents an important milestone for commercial spaceflight
Agfest Returns To Paddock
Sailors to revolutionise our understanding of Pacific biodiversity
China set to blast off to the far side of the Moon – here’s what it could discover
Offshore wind gathers momentum as feasibility licences awarded in Gippsland
Illuminate Returns To Warm Up Adelaide’s Winter Nights
World’s Highest Observatory Explores Universe
Raelians celebrate ‘International Day of Paradism’, advocating for a future without labor and money
The Eta Aquariid meteor shower is about to peak and could be the best this century – here’s how to catch it
Novel Calculations Peg Age Of ‘baby’ Asteroid
Nasa’s planned mission to retrieve rocks from Mars is in trouble – but it’s a vital step to sending humans to the red planet
Clouds Blanket Night Side Of Hot Exoplanet WASP-43b
Group to investigate research governance of controversial ‘Solar Radiation Modification’ technology
Funding For Australian-Indian Space Projects
China’s Bid To Decarbonize May Have Hidden Costs
Stepping In To Ensure Quarry Gets Rehabilitated
Lake ‘healthcare screening’ needed to safeguard global human health and ecosystems
Species living closely together in symbiosis is far older and way more common than you might think
We reconstructed landscapes that greeted the first humans in Australia around 65,000 years ago
Longer-lasting ozone holes over Antarctica expose seal pups and penguin chicks to much more UV
IceCube researchers detect a rare type of energetic neutrino sent from powerful astronomical objects
The Mars Sample Return mission has a shaky future, and NASA is calling on private companies for backup
Our laser technique can tell apart elephant and mammoth ivory – here’s how it may disrupt the ivory trade
What is ‘techno-optimism’? 2 technology scholars explain the ideology that says technology is the answer to every problem
Nicola Thomson: ‘I have made a commitment to doing all I can to build our planet’s resilience’
Our tall, wet forests were not open and park-like when colonists arrived – and we shouldn’t be burning them
Future connectivity opportunities central to inaugural LEOSat report
A Nasa rover has reached a promising place to search for fossilised life on Mars
During Eclipse Birds Soared Less, Hooted More
West Antarctica’s ice sheet was smaller thousands of years ago – here’s why this matters today
Solar project provides power to communities during blackouts
Australia Joins US And UK Statement On Decarbonising Healthcare
Masterchef tone deaf to climate impacted households
New JWST observations reveal black holes rapidly shut off star formation in massive galaxies
Archie Moore wins gold at Venice Biennale, the ‘Olympics of art’
Ecosystems are deeply interconnected – environmental research, policy and management should be too
UN expert publishes User Guide on right to healthy and sustainable environment