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Tohoku University Teaches Old Spectroscope New Tricks
Breaking Down EV Myths in India: Vehicle experience & shared electric
Breaking down EV myths in India: EV policy
Electric vehicles can fight climate change, but they’re not a silver bullet: University study
Electric vehicle tax myth busted by new EY analysis
What Lies Ahead: Cooperative, Data-Driven Automated Driving
Resources and energy exports remain strong despite COVID-19
Protection needed for emerging mining hotspots
Electric vehicle tax myth busted by new EY analysis
$98 million graphite processing facility planned for Rockingham
Report finds AI and Blockchain could transform Australia’s transport sector
EV100 and drive for electric transport
Mindspace Business Parks REIT joins EV100
World-class climate action as Greens pledge to deliver Australia’s first zero emissions commercial centre
Clean technology plan a strong limb of climate strategy
Gov’s plan to offer business grants for electric vehicles will help electrify Australia’s used car market
Technology Investment Roadmap sets course
Australian mining leads on cutting emissions through technology
Tesco joins call on UK Government to fast-track move to zero-emission
ACT Election 2020: Climate and Energy – achieving a just transition to net zero emissions in ACT
Greater Shepparton Visitor Economy recovery and activation grants deployed
Uber regional general manager addresses QUT forum
More investment needed in job-rich energy efficiency for low-income homes
Government EV grants will help electrify Australia’s used car market
IOS 14 is available today
Advancing clean energy technology
MBIE funds $13m University of Canterbury research to future-proof NZ electrical grid
CSIRO identifies opportunities for economic recovery
Ouyen part of Electric Vehicle charging station roll-out
ACT Greens plan for City to Woden Light Rail Express
Two new EV charging stations for Swan Hill
Extra $1.1 million local investment in clean, green energy projects
Working together to create a sustainable future
Queensland’s electric vehicle super highway charges ahead with new sites
Canadian miner capitalises on golden opportunity in Victoria
Labour fails on electric vehicles
Canadian miner captialises on golden opportunity in Victoria
Electric vehicles charge hopes of regional Victorian recovery
Powering up our State’s Electric Vehicle network
Greens launch $50m plan to accelerate Canberra’s rEVolution
Qld electric vehicle owners want to put brakes on CO2
Advanced meters protect and benefit WA homes
Student power: Schools to transform into Virtual Power Plants as part of recovery
WA Government launches Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme
New shopper car park to aid Eastwood’s economic recovery
Renewable energy revolution hits shops in Toowoomba
Victorian Greens launch over 80 candidates for local election
Jetty Road Streetscape Works Begin