Latest energy storage News

$1.27 million to bolster energy storage in Hunter
Salt caverns and minerals across Australia unlock our nation’s hydrogen industry
MGA Thermal to demonstrate fresh approach to energy storage
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Research breakthrough paves new way for next-generation batteries
Installation begins on WA’s biggest battery
Private Sector confidence in Greater Lithgow
Graphene oxide membranes reveal unusual behaviour of water at nanoscale
IFM paves new path for next-generation polymer-based battery design
ON Program to help build entrepreneurial and commercialisation skills of Australian researchers
Northern Territory to receive first hydrogen-fueled generator as CDU prepares for future
CEFC congratulates Neoen as HPR ready to deliver grid-scale inertia services
Electrification now central to Australia’s decarbonisation effort
Monash exploring energy storage market design
Ashurst advises Vena Energy on Tailem Bend II Hybrid Renewable Power Station
Study conceptualizes energy efficient, wireless charging roads
University of Toronto partners with Canada Infrastructure Bank to boost climate positive efforts
Energy resources stocktake confirms Australia’s powerhouse status
Power to People – Real Solutions for Energy and Emissions
Thermally regenerative battery produces ample energy using low-grade waste heat
150 MW battery at Darlington Point to strengthen NSW grid
Renewables remain cheapest, but cost reductions on hold
Construction starts on Australia’s first, large-scale iron flow battery hub in Maryborough
Closing gaps for public EV charging in South Island
Record health budget delivers more beds and better services for Hervey Bay
Resources budget booster to future-proof Gladstone industries and jobs
‘Crucial’ role for gas powering electricity grid for decades: AEMO report
MGA Thermal showcases pathway to reliable renewable energy as it reaches 20GWh of global storage interest
Cairns set to supercharge with new network-connected battery
EV charging gets boost in South Australia
Council wins Excellence in Sustainability
Circular boost for solar panels
Battery blitz grows Queensland’s energy storage capacity
Queensland Government funding fast-tracks Gladstone hydrogen hub
Energy Crisis at Heart of Victorian Smart Energy Summit Today
State Budget powers Queensland’s energy future
ETU urges Minister for Energy not to return Queensland to defective National Energy Market
Big boost for Queensland battery-powered jobs
Rio Tinto: First ore delivered at Gudai-Darri iron ore mine in Pilbara
CBA helps fund construction of NSW grid-forming battery
$35 million flows in for potential pumped hydro project
Solar battery recall burning issue
Australia – India Energy Centre seeks partners
NZ and California sign international climate partnership
Esperance now powered by almost 50 per cent renewable energy
New Central Queensland wind farm agreement
Commercialisation success as Curtin mining innovation goes global
Kempsey takes big steps to reconciliation, inclusion and recognition