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Amaia Calderón-Larrañaga Granted Funding From SFOepi
Early COVID-19 research is riddled with poor methods and low-quality results − a problem for science the pandemic worsened but didn’t create
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Urban-rural vaccination divide underscores need for change
Epidemiologist seconded to the World Health Organization will bring with her valuable insights into best practices back to KI
India gets “PRET” for future pandemics: a national consultation on developing the content framework for the National Pandemic Preparedness Plan for Respiratory Viruses
Apixaban no better than aspirin for preventing some strokes
New appointments to the National Science and Technology Council
Virus ancestry could help predict next pandemic
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Restricting movement the best way to stop fast spread of infectious diseases, study finds
WHO announces the GDG for the development of the WHO MEC for Contraceptive Use (MEC) 6th Edition and the WHO SPRs for…
Same-level workplace falls set to rise amid surge in older female workforce
Future benefits of water fluoridation not guaranteed, study shows
Nafion byproduct 2 Found in Blood of Well Users Near Fayetteville, N.C
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Sexually transmissible infections on the rise, syphilis triples in a decade: report
NHMRC releases position statement on controversial Forced Swim Test
UNE pioneers global health solutions
AMA calls for no new fossil fuel projects, no fossil fuel money in politics
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Recognising Professor Bruce Armstrong’s lifelong contribution to cancer research
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