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FARE Federal Budget 2022-23 Statement
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It’s time for Woolworths to do right thing and stop Darwin Dan Murphy’s megastore
Community leaders call for Woolworths Directors to abandon plans for Dan Murphy’s superstore 9 December
FARE welcomes updated National Alcohol Guidelines
Aussie kids’ personal data unprotected, as harmful digital marketing increases
New laws in NSW close loopholes for online alcohol delivery
Community leaders call for Woolworths Directors to abandon plans for Dan Murphy’s superstore
NT Government greenlights Woolworths booze barn despite community concerns
It’s not OK to sell alcohol to children online
FARE welcomes Federal Government commitment to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
‘TOM’ supports act men who want to cut back drinking
We drink more alcohol and most often at home – even before COVID-19 lockdowns
Food ministers prioritise community’s safety and health agreeing to a visible pregnancy health warning on alcohol
Consumers vote for a red, black and white ‘health warning’ label on alcohol
Ministers urged to approve effective pregnancy health warning on alcohol labels
FASD Senate Inquiry FARE opening statement
Senate inquiry into effective approaches to prevention and diagnosis of FASD and strategies for optimising life
Australians voice support for action on our children’s health and wellbeing
ACT community creating a supportive environment for women’s alcohol-free pregnancies
Role of alcohol in family violence revealed by specialists in COVID-19 assessment
Alcohol ad every 35 seconds during COVID-19
New research demonstrates effectiveness of alcohol warning labels
Community groups remain resolute in opposition to Dan Murphy’s
Whistleblower condemns CSIRO pro-alcohol bias
New study into Australia’s heaviest drinkers validates control of cheap alcohol
AFL and NRL ladder of alcohol advertising addiction
NSW alcohol threat hidden in plain sight
Heineken F1 partnership slammed: alcohol, speed and sport a deadly cocktail
Program under threat despite dramatic drop in violence in indigenous community
Empower women with truth about alcohol harm
Stronger consumer protections needed in digital reform
‘Substantial’ cost of NT’s alcohol problem revealed as reforms show signs of success
NT Liquor Commission urged to stop Woolworths profiting from addiction and increasing alcohol harm