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New research shows kids are targeted with alcohol, gambling and junk food ads online
Experts call for immediate action on alcohol to contribute to the prevention of violence against women and children
FARE welcomes ongoing government investment in groundbreaking Every Moment Matters campaign
Alcohol’s role in family violence overlooked at National Cabinet meeting
Community and health leaders call on Governments to address alcohol’s role in family violence
More Australians Are Seeking Treatment For Alcohol
New AIHW data shows that alcohol continues to harm millions of Australians
Canberrans support action to prevent harm from alcohol sold online
Alcohol lobby ploughs $1.3m into political parties
FARE’s statement on Hard Solo and ABAC
Australians overwhelmingly support health warnings on alcohol products
Community and women’s safety organisations want higher standards to prevent harm from rapid alcohol delivery
Privacy reforms highlight need to protect children from harmful product marketing
ABS report shows alcohol-induced deaths have increased for a fourth consecutive year 
South Australians support action to prevent harm caused by the delivery of alcohol  
Communities rock red TWOOBS to raise awareness of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Mandatory alcohol pregnancy health warnings are catching attention, especially among younger adults 
Alcohol, gambling and unhealthy food companies bombard families with ads during State of Origin
Alcohol treatment episodes at their highest in decade
FARE welcomes crossbench call to restrict marketing of harmful products
106 community leaders call on World Health Organization to stop closed-door meetings with alcohol lobbyists
Government-led marketing standards needed to replace alcohol companies’ sham advertising scheme
Alcoholic products are harming 10 million Australians each year, new research indicates 
FARE’s response to AIHW report showing deaths from alcohol-related injuries more than doubled in a decade
Alcohol companies ply community with 40,000 alcohol advertisements a year on Facebook and Instagram
Strong Born a new campaign supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to yarn about FASD
Facebook and Instagram are bombarding young people with targeted alcohol, gambling and unhealthy food ads
Gambling and alcohol lobby plough $2.165 million into political parties, up 40% from previous year
FARE welcomes measures announced in Alice Springs
How to reduce your alcohol intake this holiday season and enjoy a healthier 2023 
Community organisations call on Netflix to set standard with ad model that prioritises health and wellbeing
FARE’s response to report showing alcohol-induced deaths at their highest rate in 10 years
Health and community organisations welcome recommendation to continue Minimum Unit Price in Northern Territory
Call for moratorium on facial recognition technology use in alcohol and gambling venues across Australia
Covid sees surge in Aussies seeking alcohol support services
FARE Federal Budget 2022-23 Statement
New research to explore digital marketing tactics by alcohol companies to target young people
Action needed to protect kids from alcohol ads in sport
Community leaders call on Government to put health first and abandon plans to cut price of alcohol
Growing concern for our community as alcohol sales increase again
Alcohol and cancer go together – reduce your risk
Big Alcohol attempts to undermine Global Action Plan
Tips to reduce your alcohol intake this New Years
Reach out for help these holidays – alcohol supports are available
New National Awareness Campaign on risks of drinking alcohol during pregnancy launched
Community organisations call on Victorian Parliament to prioritise preventing alcohol harm
It’s time for Woolworths to do right thing and stop Darwin Dan Murphy’s megastore
Community leaders call for Woolworths Directors to abandon plans for Dan Murphy’s superstore 9 December