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Human Rights Council Hears Presentation on Cooperation with Georgia and Concludes Interactive Dialogue with Independent Fact-finding
Human Rights Council Adopts Universal Periodic Review Outcomes of Republic of Moldova, South Sudan, Haiti and Sudan
Lawyers must adapt to age of digitalisation
Human Rights Council Holds Urgent Debate on Human Rights of Women and Girls in Afghanistan
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Nicaragua and in Sudan
Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights Urges All Parties to Pull Back from Posture of War in Ethiopia
Human Rights Council President Appoints Members of Racial Justice Body
Statement on Reports of Summary Killings and Enforced Disappearances in Afghanistan
As Beijing Olympics countdown begins, calls to boycott grow
Human Rights Council requests High Commissioner for Human Rights to designate an Expert on human rights situation
Health impacts of smoke from fires in Amazon
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in Sudan, Somalia and Central African Republic under its Agenda Item
Human Rights Council Discusses Situation of Human Rights in South Sudan
Human Rights Council holds general debates on Universal Periodic Review and on human rights situation
Human Rights Council adopts Universal Periodic Review outcomes of Namibia, Niger and Mozambique
Human Rights Council Continues General Debate on Human Rights Situations that Require Council’s Attention
Parties to Conflict Continue to Perpetrate War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, Infringing on Basic Human Rights of Syrians
Human Rights Situation in Myanmar Has Deteriorated Significantly and Some Violations May Amount to Crimes against Humanity
Victoria’s opportunity to decriminalise sex work
An opportunity to kick-start a massive scale-up in investment in mental health
How can businesses build trust between humans and AI?
Australians at risk of being detained overseas
ANZSIL Perspectives – Interrogating Definition of Women Human Rights Defenders
Prime Minister’s deafening silence unacceptable on anniversary of Landmine Treaty
Cornell Tech clinic to help intimate violence victims
Training in dementia care for aged care workforce is recurrent theme
Australia needs to be transparent about its military exports: Australian Arms Control Coalition
Australia must stop arms sales to Saudi and Emirati-led coalition