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“Golden time” seasonal farming production destroyed and lost in northern Gaza amid mounting fears of worsening hunger and starvation
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Should world leaders worry about another Trump presidency?
Greens Say Parliament Must End Support of State of Israel’s Brutal Invasion of Gaza
UN report calls for accountability, justice for violations by all parties in OPT and Israel
“GRAVE VIOLATIONS AGAINST CHILDREN MUST STOP”- Statement by Save the Children CEO Inger Ashing
Why Egypt refuses to open its border to Palestinians forcibly displaced from Gaza
Grattan on Friday: Unshackle immigration from Home Affairs and give it its own department
Civilians in Gaza in extreme peril while the world watches on: Ten requirements to avoid an even worse catastrophe
Statement by Principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC): Civilians in Gaza in extreme peril while the world watches on
UN experts call for prioritisation of gender-responsive humanitarian interventions: Gaza
No respite for children and families in Gaza as UN Security Council ceasefire resolution fails to pass
Democracy Sausage: Israel, Gaza and the crisis in the Middle East
Israeli groups act to prevent Bahijah animals being re-exported
Moving closer to Australia is in New Zealand’s strategic interest – joining AUKUS is not
Second interfaith dinner aims for friendship and joy
UN experts appalled by reported human rights violations against Palestinian women and girls: Israel/oPt
Rafah, Gaza: Urgent Statement from CEOs of Humanitarian & Human Rights Organisations
Australians lose when keeping count of Labor’s broken promises
Statement on conflict-induced hunger in Gaza
Australians urged to reject propaganda attacks against UNWRA
UN expert: Israel’s symbolic “ban” must not distract from atrocity crimes in Gaza
Unemployment Rates, OECD – Updated: February 2023
Minister’s admissions on Palestinian aid suspension show gross error: Greens call on Minister Wong to immediately reverse UNRWA aid funding
The Jewish creatives’ WhatsApp leak was more whistleblowing than doxing. Here’s why
Joint statement by the Prime Ministers of Australia, Canada and New Zealand
Australia’s shot-hole borer beetle invasion has begun, but we don’t need to chop down every tree under attack
What is doxing, and how can you protect yourself?
Oxfam reaction to the Dutch court’s decision to stop military exports to Israel
Aid agencies warn of catastrophic humanitarian consequences of looming Rafah ground invasion
Australian Prime Minister Doorstop – Ballarat
UN experts: Israel’s alleged undercover killings in occupied West Bank hospital may amount to extrajudicial killings and war crimes
Wong UNRWA admission shows Minister’s recklessness on Palestine
Widespread destruction by Israeli Defence Forces of civilian infrastructure in Gaza
Turk warns Israeli extensive destruction near Gaza border “grave breach” of Geneva conventions, possible war crime
Researchers have mapped mortality due to heat waves