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Today 3.7 billion people better protected from industrial trans fat exposure
UN Women Statement For World Refugee Day
Endava Continues Technical Excellence in APAC Region With Expansion of Partnership With Google Cloud
UN Women Executive Board makes landmark field visit to Moldova and Ukraine
34th Session of FAO Regional Conference for Europe concludes discussions on agrifood systems transformation
34th Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe and Central Asia opens with focus on bolstering resilience of agrifood systems
UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination publishes findings on Albania, Mexico, Qatar, Moldova and San Marino
Experts of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Applaud Qatar’s Memorial for Enslaved Africans, Raise Questions on Mandatory HIV Testing…
Experts of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Commend San Marino’s Progress in Establishing a National Human Rights Institute, Ask…
Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Opens its One Hundred and Twelfth Session in Geneva
UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to review Mexico, San Marino, Albania, Qatar and Moldova
AI can help predict whether a patient will respond to specific tuberculosis treatments, paving way for personalized care
How War Worsened Opioid Crisis In Ukraine
Ukraine war “deepening harmful gender stereotypes”, putting gender equality at risk
Epidemiologist seconded to the World Health Organization will bring with her valuable insights into best practices back to KI
WHO awards countries for progress in eliminating industrially produced trans fats for first time
Democratic decline a global phenomenon, even in wealthy nations
Tobacco use declines despite tobacco industry efforts to jeopardize progress
What is LockBit, the cybercrime gang hacking some of the world’s largest organisations?
1 in 10 babies worldwide are born early, with major impacts on health and survival
Deportation, Treatment of Ukraine’s Children by Russian Federations Takes Centre Stage by Many Delegates at Security Council Briefing
Human Rights Committee Concludes One Hundred and Thirty-Eighth Session after Adopting Concluding Observations on Reports of Brazil, Burundi, Colombia, Cyprus, Lesotho, State…
Security Council: Ukraine 27 July
Dynamic interaction zone between farmers and pastoralists
Ancient DNA reveals the earliest evidence of the last massive human migration to Western Europe
Welcoming a new era for respiratory pathogen pandemic preparedness in the Western Balkans and the Republic of Moldova
activities update – 24 May 2023: Human Rights 75
Transport systems need to be made safe, healthy and sustainable
Every Additional Day of Moscow’s War Prolongs Human Suffering in Ukraine, Intergovernmental Organization Chair Tells Security Council
UN special programme for research on sexual and reproductive health celebrates 50 years
FAO welcomes $34.4 million contribution from Japan to boost food security and strengthen resilience in emergency contexts
Human Rights Committee Concludes One Hundred and Thirty-Seventh Session, Adopts Annual Report and Concluding Observations on Reports of Egypt, Panama, Peru, Sri…
ACSC Ransomware Profile – Lockbit 3.0
UN and partners appeal for US$5.6 billion to help millions affected by Ukraine war
FAO outlines three pillars of action for initiatives in Ukraine in 2023
News Comment: UNHCR’s Grandi praises Moldova’s role in supporting Ukrainian refugees
UNHCR, UNICEF establish dozens of support hubs in countries hosting Ukrainian refugees
Researchers working to help Ukrainian refugees find housing, integrate into Midwest
Committee on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Holds Meeting with States Parties on Situation of Persons with Disabilities
Children and families forced to return to war-torn hometowns in Ukraine amid new wave of displacement, World Vision warns
UNHCR survey finds refugees from Ukraine hope to go home
Travel Recovery Rebuilding Airline Profitability
One hundred days of war has put Ukraine’s health system under severe pressure
Digital technologies: key accelerator of agrifood systems transformation and rural development
Ukraine: New UN Women and CARE report highlights disproportionate impact of war on women and minorities
UN Women statement for International Girls in ICT Day 2022: Access and Safety
UNHCR and partners call for urgent support for refugees from Ukraine and their hosts
Odesa attack likely to spur new wave of humanitarian need and suffering