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Land-use And Energy Practices On US Golf Courses
Cutting industry emissions and energy bills takes all tools in the belt
Powering Territory’s Future For Years To Come
Imminent Qenos closure has massive implications for industry
Economic Confidence In Beetaloo Basin Grows
Securing Future Of Our Gas Industry
Middle Arm Is Cornerstone Of Territory’s Economy
Samantha McCulloch addresses the Senate Inquiry into PRRT changes
Transcript: Samantha McCulloch discusses gas supply on 2GB Drive with Chris O’Keefe
East Coast Gas Surplus Expected In Third Quarter 2024
ACCC again warns southern states on gas supply
NPI Data Show Improvements In Emission Trends 3 April
Strong exports show why Future Gas Strategy must include LNG opportunity
Collaboration Key To Transition
Another impressive year for Western Australia’s resources sector
Statement On Australian Energy Council Chief Executive
Transcript: Samantha McCulloch talks to 4BC Drive about east coast gas supply
Electrocatalytic Ammonia Synthesis: Towards an Environmentally Means of Producing Ammonia
Transcript: Samantha McCulloch discusses the Australian Energy Market Operator’s Gas Statement of Opportunities report on Radio National Breakfast Radio with Patricia Karvelas
Macquarie Asset Management divests stake in Czech Grid Holdings
AEMO warns diesel-powered electricity looms without new gas supply
Malabar Biomethane Project Receives GreenPower Certification
Malabar renewable gas project gets first Greenpower Certification
Statement On Default Price Decisions
Consultation Begins On Next Set Of PRRT Regulations
Transcript: Samantha McCulloch’s opening statement to the Senate Inquiry into offshore approval legislation
Geraldine Slattery opening remarks at AFR Business Summit
Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions: September 2023 quarterly update
Transitioning To Renewables With Natural Gas
DomGas Inquiry Interim Report confirms gas shortfall likely without government action
WA gas inquiry ignores cost of living pressures and need for new gas supply
‘Green’ or ‘blue’ hydrogen – what difference does it make? Not much for most Australians
New Report Identifies Bottlenecks to Generation Investment
Offshore approvals reform is a step towards energy security
Federal Budget must target new gas supply to ease cost-of-living pressures
Australian resources drive rise in export prices
Oil and gas industry backs EDO funding cuts after court shaming
NY’s first dairy farm biochar kiln advances green agriculture
Transcript: Samantha McCulloch interview with ABC Radio National’s Sally Sara
Green light for Barossa Project a win for Australia and our region
Gas industry welcomes offshore consultation process
Queensland gas ban smashes households, jobs, councils and energy security
Transcript: Samantha McCulloch interview with Sky News Chief News Anchor Kieran Gilbert
Lawler urged to maintain Beetaloo and Middle Arm net zero momentum
Miles should continue gas net zero pathway to secure economic benefits
Oil and gas dominates future major resources projects driving economy
WA must navigate gas supply security for energy transition
Gas sector delivers supply as ACCC issues wake-up call for governments