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Ancient Human Relative, Australopithecus sediba, “Walked Like a Human, But Climbed Like an Ape”
Life on Mars search could be misled by false fossils
Enhancing sustainable forest landscapes and tackling commodity-driven deforestation through better data
Access Planetary Health resources
IFM Global Infrastructure Fund establishes long-term partnership with Deutsche Telekom to roll-out gigabit fibre broadband
Reconnecting Tasmanian communities through Neighbourhood Houses
Lights, camera and jobs action
Adapt and Advance
Insects in Light of Land Use and Climate
Open Access For All Victorians Above 12 For mNRA Vaccines
Smart microscope slides detect cancer
Guidelines for treatment of alcohol problems notes risks, stigma
Next Generation Designers shaping future for Australian Fashion
Online book helps explain devastating dementia condition
New Community Care Pilot launched for Neighbourhood Houses
Right to Know Week
Early English drama resources offer insights on theatre from Middle Ages to Shakespeare
Early English drama resources reveal insights on theatre from Middle Ages to Shakespeare
Artificial Chemist 2.0: Quantum Dot R&D in Less Than an Hour
An Ambitious Climate Modeling Project Hopes To Inform Energy Policy
Accessible and low-cost design of photonic chips with newly launched industrial pilot manufacturing line
2021 will usher in a new direction for International Dental Journal
Black Bear Gut Biome Simpler Than Expected, Scientists Say
Areas where next pandemic could emerge are revealed
Researchers help world to breathe free amid Covid-19 resurgence
First conclusive evidence horses hurt by whips, whips don’t aid jockeys
Seeking Expressions of Interest for Global Navigation Satellite System Ground Station Site Hosts
Beetles Cooperate in Brood Care
Lack of pandemic ethics set to bite Trump in election rump
African countries commit to accelerate actions towards food security
Why Young STEM Researchers Are Calling For Paid Family Leave
Entry isn’t easy, but immigrants face few barriers in NYC tech
Panel offers look at open access in COVID-19 era
Open Access agreement for Nature journals
Study shows whole fruit vitamin C boosts ‘zest for life’
New rankings system shows flaws in university league tables
London Stock Exchange Group’s acquisition of Refinitiv not opposed
Artificial Intelligence best-practices in agriculture can help bridge digital divide while tackling food insecurity
Halt post-disturbance Logging in Forests
Web resources bring new insight into COVID-19
Online services at Campaspe Libraries
New Insights into Evolution
New life for ancient grain
Role of amnesties in peace building explored
‘Attack Helicopters’ an online sub-culture to watch out for
Research finds deep listening could help fight climate change
How food from sea has limitless potential – with caveats
Kreps: Social media helping to undermine democracy