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EarthTalks to examine history of fire in tropical Asia from ice age to present
How social media is changing way people get to know one another
Center for Socially Responsible AI accepting seed funding proposals
Penn State Great Valley to host ‘Reading Hemingway’s Mail’
Study explores how climate change may affect rain in U.S. Corn Belt
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Three-year MD program grads have less debt, are ready for residency
Traffic and mobile phone data predict COVID case counts in rural Pennsylvania
Popular perennial flowering plants can attract diverse mix of pollinators
Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity gift supports Piazza Center research
Preparing for potential pandemics is focus of new federal grant to Penn State
U.S. gun violence increased 30 percent during Covid pandemic
Penn State receives $25 million to enhance medical research, human health
Talk to discuss ancient, deep groundwater in search for life on Earth and beyond
Filling half of kids’ plates with fruits and veggies helps increase consumption
Proof in produce: Voucher program may help diabetes patients manage their health
Viewing memes online increases positive emotions, helps cope with pandemic
Getting head start on materials research career
New game can help users identify, avoid online echo chambers
Saliva-based Covid test may provide at-home results in 30 minutes
Monitoring glucose levels, no needles required
New twist on 2D materials may lead to improved electronic, optical devices
Search engine could help researchers scour internet for privacy documents
How many people get ‘long COVID?’ More than half, researchers find
Behrend Speaker Series to feature NASA engineer Moogega ‘Moo’ Cooper
Researchers receive grant to study pandemic’s impact on greenhouse gas emissions
New Penn State consortium launches to help fuel energy revolution
Novel lighting system designed for machine vision module of agricultural robots
Wearable head scanner could allow for comfort, mobility during brain scans
Penn Staters invited to take survey about Covid behaviors, vaccine hesitancy
Mushroom consumption may lower risk of depression
Grant funds research to develop technology to enhance public art experiences
New, environmentally friendly method to extract and separate rare earth elements
Active listening by managers can reduce employees’ feelings of job insecurity
Taking steps toward more effective fitness trackers, more physical activity
How do humans understand speech?
Understanding how humans understand speech
Cancer costs U.S. more than $156 billion, with drugs leading expense
Things to Do at Penn State: Oct. 7-14
New way to image whole organisms in 3D brings key skin color pigment into focus
At-risk teens may face increased online threats
Penn State researchers developing genomic resources to identify novel pathogens
What was really secret behind Van Gogh’s success?
Coral microbiome is key to surviving climate change, new study finds
$1.3M grant to study brain function during anesthesia-induced unconsciousness
Penn State partners on project to help protect coastal communities
New tool predicts changes that may make COVID variants more infectious
U.S. soybean, corn yields could be increased through use of machine learning