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Course for veterans to expand microchip workforce in New York state
Human Rights Council President names new chair of racial justice panel
Surprise physics in insulating material offer path for faster tech
Live plant pathogens can travel on dust across oceans
X-rays reveal microstructural fingerprints of 3D-printed alloy
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New report finds nearly half of employees don’t believe they have what they need from their employer to build the skills they…
Current takes surprising path in quantum material
Fulbright scholars take Tasmanian know-how to US 27 June
Ukraine Refugees Could Boost Europe’s GDP
Vinegar could be secret ingredient in fight against climate crisis
Study compares NGO communication around migration
Michener advocates ‘Broadening Tent’ at White House
Fulbright scholars take Tasmanian know-how to US
Corralling Ions Improves Viability of Next Generation Solar Cells
Underwater robot helps explain Antarctic glacier’s retreat
Researchers flip switch on electric control of crystal symmetry
Space odyssey hunts for answers on fast explosions
Penn State leads semiconductor packaging, heterogeneous integration center
Controlled, localized delivery of blood thinner may improve blood clot treatment
Some no-till crop rotations on dairy farms could benefit from strategic tillage
Chronic inflammation may lead to low milk production in breastfeeding moms
Penn State CTSI: Building foundation for rural health equity
REDCap support increases and boasts new features for researchers and users
New ‘Life From All Angles’ video highlights Lance Lian’s stem cell research
Sloan Foundation grant to fund research on governance of U.S. electric grid
Improving understanding, collaboration throughout energy supply chain
Liver-transplant patient demographic info can help predict hospital readmission
For credit rating agencies, reputation matters
New grant looks to biomaterials to help reduce construction waste
Changes in Earth’s orbit may have triggered ancient warming event
Rural hospital closures affect operations of surrounding hospitals
Study examines feeding damage caused by spotted lanternflies on young maples
Model shows how intelligent-like behavior can emerge from non-living agents
Hummingbird flight could provide insights for biomimicry in aerial vehicles
Combination of two materials creates high-performance, stretchy nanogenerator
When roles in life seem more integrated, budgeting may be more flexible
PlantVillage Warrior View awarded $2 million from Google to fight climate change
From Rust Belt to Green Belt: Penn State leads nuclear research alliance
Many genes linked to alcohol and tobacco use are shared among diverse ancestries
Rare cosmic explosion blasts hole in established science
Indigenous Australians’ unique oral microbiomes may add to chronic disease load
Why synonymous mutations are not always silent
Penn State CTSI core services expand to include implementation science
Peanuts and herbs and spices may positively impact gut microbiome
Penn State Addiction Center for Translation to host annual symposium on Dec. 6
New clues about how carbon dioxide affects bumble bee reproduction
Earthquake lab experiments produce aftershock-like behavior