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Labour-led government has mandate for transformation, equality and transparency
NZ’s largest union confirms all-female leadership team
PSA welcomes Labour Party commitment to workers’ rights and wellbeing
Parliament staff successfully campaign for security & respect at work
Labour’s Living Wage policy supports positive change in public sector
PSA welcomes Labour’s proposed partial rollback of 2010 tax cuts
We are not all in this together, and that must change
PSA takes legal action against Access Community Health over unpaid wages, failure to provide hours & breaks
Grey Power, PSA & E Tu launch campaign for home support with dignity
It takes a team to beat Covid-19
“Irresponsible and dangerous”: PSA outraged at proposed Canterbury health cuts
PSA condemns Dept Internal Affairs job cuts
Direct employment of security guards will improve safety and conditions
PSA supports mandatory Covid-19 testing for border and isolation workers
Multiple unions endorse call for free and universal basic services
More firefighting people, aircraft and equipment needed in NSW
Privately-run border quarantine would put New Zealanders at risk
New Zealand’s wealthiest people can afford to pay more tax
Icare’s board must resign over systemic failures
“icare’s board must resign over systemic failures”
Staff exhausted, clients at risk: PSA requests intervention
CTU supports PSA election campaign launch
New Public Service Act means better services and better working lives
Equal Pay legislation will strengthen fight against sexist discrimination
Auckland Council must avoid unnecessary and harmful cutbacks
Auckland Council’s proposed job cuts challenged
Council debt cap increase means community investment, not cutbacks
Bread and roses: new policies support better work, more life
PSA welcomes increased govt support for Covid-19 border response
Barilaro hijacking bushfires to erode National Park protections
Unified health system an opportunity to invest in undervalued workers and communities
Public Service Association response to NSW wage freeze
Air safety experts deserve a safe workplace: systemic reform urgently needed
PSA to closely monitor Auckland Council voluntary pay cut proposal
Budget supports public services and rejects austerity
ACC risking thousands of essential care and support worker jobs
Invercargill City Council wage cuts cruel, unnecessary and legally questionable
Now more than ever, undervalued admin workers deserve pay and respect
PSA cautiously welcomes PPE review: “We need gloves, not promises”
“Our People Matter”: Telling stories of our essential workers
Home support workers are on front line, so why haven’t they been paid?
Unless changed, MoH guidelines treat community support workers as expendable
Home support workers may refuse unsafe work if PPE not provided
PSA welcomes govt economic package, calls on employers to commit to its implementation
HealthCare NZ makes concessions, but remains committed to harmful job cuts
HealthCare NZ makes concessions, but remains committed to harmful job cuts
Proposed bonfire of regulations will burn ordinary New Zealanders
Mooted public service wage freeze would cripple NSW economy