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Disability inclusion: how do we change community attitudes?
Laser writing may enable ‘electronic nose’ for multi-gas sensor
Road injuries are killing young people, and it’s hardly slowing down
Young citizen scientists expose harmful industries tactics
Fresh hope for new flystrike control method
Biosecurity network to protect forests in South-East Asia
Sleep study and new drug treatment awarded Innovation Grants
Speech-friendly face mask could end frustration of muffled chat
Who trusts gene-edited foods? New study gauges public acceptance
Trial of new treatment to prevent prisoner suicide launches
Mark Hughes Foundation and University of Newcastle announce new $25 million Centre for Brain Cancer Research
‘Bush kinder’ builds early understanding of STEM fundamentals
We asked public about being lonely during lockdowns. For many, Zoom calls weren’t enough
Local authority austerity associated with poor health
Honouring Swinburne engineers this International Women in Engineering Day
Most stillbirth certificates are inaccurate
Forest research brings sweet smell of success for “Blue Sky” winner
University hosts world’s largest energy research & social science conference
Targeting e-Scooter offenders could reverse hospital trends
Deadly snakes could save your life
Exhibition recognised with prestigious MAGNA 2022 Research award
Exhibition recognized with prestigious MAGNA 2022 Research award
Near-miss boost for hepatitis research
Social media use sheds light on dads mental health
Think outside box on housing for sustainable future, researchers urge
Researchers recognised for dedication to career development
New Chair appointed to Busselton Water board
LNG Export Companies 95.7% Foreign Owned: Research Report
Queen’s Birthday honours for rare cancers researcher and clinician
Ningaloo corals are ill-equipped to handle future climate change
Never stop asking – hope for pancreatic cancer patients
Study looks at new ways to ease pain for women with endometriosis
Barriers to uptake of hep C medication
This is why it matters – and we can do something about it
Palliative care research grants supporting aged care workers
There and back again: tale of carbon’s travels through Earth’s interior
Importance of patient voices in cancer treatment
Ear Science affiliation to boost ear and hearing research
Swinburne study reveals psychological challenges facing music and performing arts
Unravelling how climate, pollution and runoff combine in coastal ecosystems
QUT and Hastings Deering dig deep on new data partnership
Wildlife volunteers’ mental health
Croc meat may be unsafe for fish allergy sufferers
Big study answers treatment question for little known kidney condition
More nuance in liquor licensing can serve public health
Researchers fear career breaks risk future funding success
Added burden of young onset Alzheimer’s disease
Same-race friends help teens connect to school