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Are 2 mid-career AFL retirements a sign Australian athletes are taking brain health more seriously?
‘We have thousands of Modis’: the secret behind the BJP’s enduring success in India
AI chatbots refuse to produce ‘controversial’ output − why that’s a free speech problem
How a teenager helped identify a new species of giant marine reptile
Technology-Facilitated Sexual Violence symposium explores the “new normal”
How can we have truth-telling without the Voice? Our research shows a way forward
Antipsychotics for dementia linked to more harms than previously acknowledged
What are ‘Ozempic babies’? Can the drug really increase your chance of pregnancy?
First evidence of ancient human occupation found in giant lava tube cave in Saudi Arabia
Gut Muscle Vital For Absorbing Fats Forms Like Scars
The rising flood of space junk is a risk to us on Earth – and governments are on the hook
New research shows urgency to act on Nigeria’s trans fat elimination policy
AI is making smart devices – watches, speakers, doorbells – easier to hack. Here’s how to stay safe
How the Lehrmann v Channel 10 defamation case shone an unflattering light on commercial news gathering
Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowships announced
From forced kisses to power imbalances, violence against women in sport is endemic
My Room Children’s Charity creates new cancer research laboratory
Coffee, coastlines and a cutting-edge vaccine: Griffith’s Advanced Queensland trio putting state at forefront
Spider venom, seaweed and bee research projects share million-dollar funding
Untapped solar rooftop potential costing Australian billions each year, new report finds
Advance Queensland Industry grant to improve shoulder joint surgery
Crisis communication saves lives – but people with disability often aren’t given the message
Local greenery and low crime rates may reduce dementia risk factors: study
Underused heart program could reduce hospital readmissions and lower risk of death
Universally Manchester Festival announces first speakers, performers and events
Porn, deep fakes, sextortion, and coercive control: Sold out symposium on technology-facilitated sexual violence explores the “new normal.”
Does the time of day you move your body make a difference to your health?
Evidence doesn’t support spinal cord stimulators for chronic back pain – and they could cause harm
Providing support to bereaved families after stillbirth and neonatal death
Key Sectors Stymie Emission Reduction Efforts: Study
Melbourne public transport services sit idle while apartment numbers boom
Five years of collaboration: reflecting on the EdiCitNet project
We saw one of the most powerful magnets in the Universe come to life – and our theories can’t quite explain it
Diabetes drug improves cardiovascular outcomes across a range of heart and kidney conditions
Will introducing independent doctors at games help the AFL tackle its concussion problem?
A bumper Bluey episode is about to hit screens. 5 ways to get the most out of watching the show with your kids
Traditional Japanese diet associated with less brain shrinkage in women compared to western diet, says research
When can my baby drink cow’s milk? It’s sooner than you think
Why is Australia’s east coast copping all this rain right now? An atmospheric scientist explains
Whooping cough is surging in Australia. Why, and how can we protect ourselves?
Without community support, the green energy transition will fail. Here’s how to get communities on board
Surprising Facts About Aussie Teens’ Reading Habits Revealed
The vast majority of GPs resisted the founding of the NHS – here’s why
3 Body Problem: is the universe really a ‘dark forest’ full of hostile aliens in hiding?
Why artificial submarine curtains won’t save West Antarctica’s retreating glaciers
Ian Constable Research Fellow Appointed
A 20-year ‘mega-drought’ in Australia? Research suggests it’s happened before – and we should expect it again
Days are getting shorter and colder. 6 tips for sticking to your fitness goals