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UniSA researchers win $1.3m to find better treatments for cancer
$4m Study To Transform Falls Prevention
Doctor appointed to Chair of Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Board
Experienced leaders join Metro North Hospital and Health Board
Patients With Delirium More Likely To Develop Dementia
Good News On Tropical Disease Fight
The consequences of the government’s new migration legislation could be dire – for individuals and for Australia
Religion Plays Dual Role In IPV
Industry shutdowns are messy and painful: 4 lessons Australia’s coal sector can learn from car-makers about bowing out
Not just a headache: migraine causing significant disability
We have revealed a unique time capsule of Australia’s first coastal people from 50,000 years ago
Did tightened PBS restrictions on opioid supply reduce their use in Australia?
Tasmanians have voted in a hung parliament, but neither major party is backing down from taking the reins
My search for the mysterious missing secretary who shaped chatbot history
Gut microbiome: meet Ruminococcus bromii – the microbe that loves carbs
Kinder Test Could Improve Diagnosis Of Womb Cancer
Social media apps have billions of ‘active users’. But what does that really mean?
Proposed Vape Ban Supported By Research
Feeding young kids on a budget? Parents say the mental load is crushing
Planet cannibalism is common, says cosmic ‘twin study’
From power prices to chocolate fountains, the Tasmanian election campaign has been a promise avalanche
App Aims To Make Roads Safer For Motorcyclists
Study Shines New Light On Immune Response
Queensland Rolls Out Pill Testing Services
Squatting, kidnapping and collaboration: Australia’s first women’s shelters were acts of radical grassroots feminism
Nano Solution For Removing Toxic Dyes
Reforms needed to tackle greedy academic publishers
Study links microplastics with human health problems – but there’s still a lot we don’t know
Antibiotic dosing technology speeds recovery of ICU patients
Creating Remote Sensor To Detect Health Troubles
Something felt ‘off’ – how AI messed with our human research, and what we learned
Urgent need for science-based approach to shark conservation
Researchers establish India’s first national benchmark for survival among haemodialysis patients
Mater People Ride To Raise Funds For Cancer 14 March
Finland managed to halve its suicide rate – here’s how it happened
Menstrual health literacy is alarmingly low – what you don’t know can harm you
ANU researcher awarded $8m to develop next-generation life-saving medical therapies
Love on the land: Helping farmers grow healthy relationships
Indigenous fire management began more than 11,000 years ago: new research
Mother’s little helper: interviews with Australian women show a complex relationship with alcohol
Immune cells can adapt to invading pathogens, deciding whether to fight now or prepare for the next battle
Cultural burning is better for Australian soils than prescribed burning, or no burning at all
Meta’s lost revenue is a huge hit for public interest journalism, which was already reeling from cutbacks
CDU researcher and international team shine a light on troubled deepsea sharks and rays
Fished for their meat and liver oil, many remarkable deep-water sharks and rays now face extinction
Our brains take rhythmic snapshots of the world as we walk – and we never knew
Diverse role models and mentors are helping women in STEM succeed
Around 10,000 steps a day may counteract health risks of high sedentary time